Wellness Redefined

At Apes Hill Barbados

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Barbados, our resort offers a sanctuary for those looking to escape, rejuvenate, and connect. Imagine sunrise yoga on one of the highest peaks on the island, overlooking the rugged Scotland District on the east coast as you inhale the pure Atlantic Tradewinds.

Yoga, Nature,
And Nourishment 

Experience the harmony of yoga at sunset, the vitality of diverse physical activities, and the tranquillity of nature walks, all while indulging in the richness of healthy Bajan cuisine.

Imagine sunset bootcamp or Pilates overlooking the platinum west coast or joining a jogging club with routes taking you across 475 acres of lush tropical gardens and forests, then relaxing at our clubhouse after for some well earned refreshments. 


Yoga from Sunrise to Sunset at Apes Hill

Here at Apes Hill Barbados, yoga transcends a mere exercise routine; it's a rejuvenating journey for the mind, body, and soul.
Imagine perfecting your poses against the backdrop of our 15th hole or the nature surrounding our 20th Hole Restaurant, under the guidance of professional instructors.
Whether it's a sunrise session to invigorate your day or a tranquil sunset practice, yoga at our resort enhances mental clarity, reduces stress, and improves overall physical health, embodying a holistic approach to wellness.


Swinging Towards Better
Health With Golf 

Golf at Apes Hill Barbados can help improve both your mental and physical wellbeing. The sprawling greens offer a challenging game and a unique way to enhance your health. Walking the course provides cardiovascular benefits, while the focus required for each shot fosters mental well-being. Immersed in nature, golfers experience a peaceful escape, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of calm.


Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. Our multi-generation membership allows you to share the Apes Hill lifestyle and experience the best of Barbados together, both on and off the greens.


Gourmet Meals That Nourish,

From Farm to Table

At Apes Hill Barbados, dining is a celebration of both taste and wellness. Our top chefs, including the renowned Javon Cummins, craft menus that spotlight local Bajan ingredients, some harvested right from the resort.
These culinary creations are not only delicious but also nutritionally rich, designed to enhance mental and physical health. Embracing clean, whole foods has been shown to improve moods, boost immunity, and support overall well-being, making every meal at Apes Hill an integral part of your wellness journey.


The Natural Path to Wellness in Barbados

Nestled in the heart of Barbados, Apes Hill Resort is a sanctuary where nature and luxury coalesce. Our commitment to preserving the island's beauty is evident in the carefully curated nature walks and the resort's harmonious integration with its surroundings.
Our elevated position allows guests the benefits of inhaling the pure Atlantic Tradewinds, with the air quality at Apes Hill being above par, in a naturally good way.
This connection to nature is not just aesthetic; it's a pathway to restorative wellbeing. Immersing yourself in the natural world provides several benefits including for your mental health. Our trails offer a profound sense of peace amidst the tranquillity of Barbados.

Private Treatments

Luxurious Leisure

And In-Villa Pampering Awaits

Within the comfort of your own villa, not only can you go for a swim or have a private yoga session, you can also take care of your wellbeing by utilising our in-villa treatments. Our laid back ethos extends into every aspect of your stay, including the option for in-villa massages, allowing for a personal sanctuary of relaxation and tranquility.
Whether you are a member or a guest, we want to ensure you have a stress-free environment, promoting heart health and strengthening the immune system. Here, wellness is not just an activity but a way of life.


Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. Our multi-generation membership allows you to share the Apes Hill lifestyle and experience the best of Barbados together, both on and off the greens.


Wellness Through Community,

Building Lasting Bonds

When it comes to wellness, the social side of wellness is often overlooked. Community is at the heart of Apes Hill Barbados, where wellness extends beyond the physical to encompass social well-being.
Our resort is a vibrant hub for like-minded individuals to connect, whether at the lively 20th Hole Restaurant, the Noisy Cricket, or through our members events.
These interactions foster deep connections, enhancing mental health and creating a sense of belonging. At Apes Hill you have the opportunity to be a part of a unique community comprised of like-minded people.

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