Geographically Unique

Significance of

Our Land

Discover Apes Hill Barbados, an exclusive sanctuary where luxury ascends to new heights. 1,000 feet above the waves, our resort invites you to experience the pinnacle of Bajan living – where the golf soars higher, yet life remains blissfully grounded.

Elevated Living,

Grounded Bliss

Apes Hill rests along the Barbados Ridge Accretionary Prism, a remarkable underwater mountain range that stretches from Trinidad to Puerto Rico. This geological wonder, one of the few exposed accretionary prisms on Earth, unveils a world of unparalleled vistas and a rich tapestry of natural history.

The Story of Our Land


Journey Through

Time and Terrain

The land at Apes Hill Barbados is a testament to ancient tectonic activities that have shaped its stunning cliffs and terraces. These formations, once fringing reefs, were gradually uplifted over 500,000 years ago, creating a breathtaking landscape that is both rugged and serene.
The Barbados Ridge Accretionary Prism is one of the few exposed accretionary prisms on Earth, offering a rare glimpse into the planet's history and revealing sea-level fluctuations over thousands of years.


Panoramic Perspectives,
Endless Views

Situated in the parish of Saint James, within the Central Highlands of Barbados, Apes Hill offers spectacular vistas of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
The Scotland District, including Mount Hillaby, the highest peak on the island, is the only location in the Caribbean where this mountain range is above water, making it a significant site for studying sea-level changes during the Quaternary period.
Our elevated position provides a unique perspective of the island's diverse landscapes.
Portrait view of the Scotland District


Nature's Healing

Trade Winds

Barbados' easterly location makes it the first recipient of the refreshing trade winds that sweep the Caribbean.
Historically, the island was a renowned health resort in the British West Indies, attracting visitors with its pure air and the medicinal properties of the saltwater.
The ever-blowing trade winds continue to offer restorative health benefits, making Apes Hill Barbados a haven for wellness.


Luxury in Harmony

With Nature

At Apes Hill, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a way of life. We've invested in drought-tolerant grass, reduced our sprinkler heads by 56%, and are committed to being carbon neutral by 2035.
By preserving natural habitats and protecting the island's unique ecosystems, we're ensuring that the best of Barbados continues to thrive.


Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. Our multi-generation package membership allows you to share the Apes Hill lifestyle and experience the best of Barbados together, both on and off the greens.