19 February 2024

Using Zorro Zoysia Grass On Our Golf Course: Championing Sustainability At Apes Hill

Rated number one among the Zoysia’s in the National TurfGrass Evaluation Programme, Zorro has quickly gained popularity in the golfing world among novices and elites alike. And here’s why.

At Apes Hill, sustainability is at the core of everything we do - on and off the course. Gone are the days when golf courses were frowned upon as foes of nature - we are leading the way in demonstrating how golf and the environment can indeed walk hand in hand, or rather, swing in sync.


And one of the ways in which we are doing this is through our choice of Zorro Zoysia grass, a gem in the turf world with its fine blades and lush, deep green hue, making it perfect not just for our golf greens but also for sprucing up commercial and residential lawns. But here's the kicker: Zorro Zoysia isn't just a treat for the eyes. Its environmental benefits are matched by its playability, offering a soft, forgiving surface that golfers absolutely adore, thanks to its impressive shade tolerance, sturdiness, disease resistance, and undeniable charm. Read on to dive into the details of Zorro Zoysia at Apes Hill and discover why its popularity is booming.



What is Zorro Zoysia Grass?

Part of the Zoysia grass group, Zorro made its grand debut in the world of turfgrass in 2002, marking a significant advancement in landscaping and golf course aesthetics. Since its introduction, Zorro Zoysia has been meticulously cultivated under both greenhouse and field conditions. The result? A grass with fine texture, lush green colour, and adaptability and resilience in a variety of environments. 


So what does this mean for us? And you? 


For us, we can provide a drought-resistant golf course that requires minimal chemical intervention and for you, your playing experience is enhanced with a soft texture and smooth surface for golf balls to roll over.



Why Is Zorro Zoysia Grass The Most Sustainable Choice?

First and foremost, Zorro Zoysia's impressive water retention capabilities mean it requires significantly less water than other grass varieties. It remains lush and green whilst also allowing us to adhere to sustainable water usage. 


The inherent resistance of Zorro grass to most diseases and pests is another significant advantage, meaning we don’t use harmful chemical treatments to maintain the vibrancy of the grass’ colour. For us, this is of the utmost importance. Our Championship golf course was designed around the existing wildlife and ecosystems, with a commitment to not only preserve our Bajan biodiversity, but also to improve and sustain it. Read more about the nature on our golf course here.



What Makes Zorro Zoysia Apes Hill’s Top Choice For Our Championship Golf Course?

And for our golfers, Zorro Zoysia is a dream, blending a perfect mix of density, texture, and adaptability, providing an exceptional playing surface across tees, fairways, and roughs. Whether it's finely trimmed with a reel mower for those pristine tees or given a bit more height with a rotary for forgiving fairways and roughs, Zorro has got it covered. And let's not forget its shade tolerance—quite the feat in the warm Bajan sun, allowing it to flourish in spots other grasses wouldn't dare to grow, ensuring the course stays uniformly green and inviting.


Golf balls respond very well to Zorro grass. Its firmness and texture contribute to a consistent ball roll, making every shot as satisfying as the last. Plus, its quick-growing nature ensures that any patches needing replacement are dealt with swiftly, minimising disruption to the course and your game. 


Zorro Zoysia isn't just a pretty face. Though, its enduring green colour, which stays vibrant all year round, certainly adds to the course's charm. Yet, the real magic lies in its regrowth rate from damage. And its dense, resilient nature means it can withstand the rigours of heavy foot traffic and golf cart wear, all while minimising the need for chemical treatments thanks to its natural disease and pest resistance. This makes Zorro an even more perfect choice for us at Apes Hill, where we welcome young ones and four-legged friends to enjoy their time on our course, without having to tread too lightly.




When you play at Apes Hill, you aren’t just enjoying a round of golf with your family or friends - you’re contributing to changing perceptions about golf’s impact on the environment. If you’d like to know more, get in touch today.