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The remarkable elevation at Apes Hill, near the island’s highest peak, allows for a multi-sensory experience involving the trade winds from the east, indigenous gullies, gardens and nature views. High ceilings and large glass doors create a fully open space, blending indoors and the tropical environment outdoors to enable a laid-back yet luxurious lifestyle that epitomizes the island of Barbados.


Embracing Caribbean living

The design approach of the Moondust Villa, located at Moonshine Ridge, embodies a timeless, fresh, clean and boldly modern interpretation of Caribbean living, while paying homage to the island’s heritage with contrasting elements of indigenous natural stone taken straight from the grounds of Apes Hill itself. 

Moondust Villa Tour at Apes Hill Barbados


Connecting with


There are several signature design features in our Moonshine Ridge homes, including large open spaces with floor to ceiling glass doors and windows. This attracts natural light and the outdoors into the home. While all bedrooms are equipped with air conditioning, the elevated location at Apes Hill allows you to keep cool naturally through the refreshing Atlantic breezes that flow through the villa. This promotes energy conservation and a healthy connection with nature.


Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. When you become a member, our multi-generation membership package means there is no limit to how you can enjoy our unique resort. Treat yourself to a luxurious lifestyle without limits.

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The easiest way to fall in love with Apes Hill Barbados is simply to come visit our golf resort and community with our villa rental offering. Get your first taste of our community with our villa rental offering. Enjoy the championship golf course, relax in your luxury villa and explore the many ways that you can spend your time here.