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Offering the very best for all levels, each element of our Performance Centre is as remarkable as Apes Hill’s unique Caribbean location 1000ft above sea level. With state-of-the-art facilities and PGA-certified expert golf coaches, it’s the ultimate destination to improve your game.

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For an unrivalled golfing experience in the Caribbean, our cutting-edge Performance Centre will delight players of all levels. The design and facilities are unique and every aspect of the game is catered for, from swing analysis to the luxurious grass driving range tee. As Tim Cutshall, the legendary master in creating high-end golf teaching facilities, says, ‘there is nothing like this in the Caribbean.’

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Designed by the renowned Tim Cutshall, Apes Hill’s unique Performance and Teaching Centre features two state-of-the-art coaching bays and utilises some of the most acclaimed technology in the industry. With interactive games, tailor-made challenges and a bespoke fitting unit, it’s fully equipped to improve all areas of play.


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