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Our Ambassadors And Partners

Discover the luminaries behind Apes Hill, Barbados, where golfing excellence meets luxury living. Leading our ambassadors is Ian Woosnam, a true legend of the sport, bringing unparalleled expertise and passion to our esteemed golf and real estate community.

Ambassadors Of
Golfing Excellence 

Our esteemed ambassador and a world-renowned golf icon, Ian Woosnam, represents the elegance and exclusivity of our golf and property offerings. Read on to find out more about our Brand Ambassador and Partners and how the relationships began.

Brand Ambassador

Ian Woosnam

Apes Hill is proud to announce golfing legend and former World Number 1 Ian Woosnam as our global ambassador. This partnership emerged from Woosnam's passion for golf and his admiration for Apes Hill's spectacular design.
As an ambassador, this Masters Champion will represent our brand globally at international tournaments, bring his expertise to our golf courses and facilities, and share the breathtaking views of Barbados with the world.
Woosnam said: “I am thrilled to be named as ambassador for Apes Hill. I have seen the course develop from its very beginnings. Ron has left an indelible mark on the place with a fantastic design on a spectacular piece of land - and you get these amazing panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea."
Ian Woosnan stands with his golf clubs as he prepares to play a round of golf at Apes Hill.

Brand Ambassador

Woosnam's Journey to Golfing Greatness

Ian Woosnam, a luminary in golf, turned professional in 1976, marking the beginning of a storied career. With 28 European Tour wins and induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2017, his achievements are a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport.
Among the 'Big Five' of European golfers, Ian Woosnam's legacy is unmatched. His career highlights include numerous victories on the European Tour and international recognition, culminating in his deserved induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2017.


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Partners Of
Golfing Excellence 

Apes Hill Barbados is honoured to collaborate with a diverse array of partners, from world-renowned golfers to the premier tennis management company, LUX Tennis. These partnerships enrich our community, offering unparalleled experiences in golf and tennis at our luxury resort.


Carly Booth

Celebrated female golfer Carly Booth joins Apes Hill Barbados as one of our partners, bringing her passion and professionalism to our championship golf course.
Booth, known for her achievements on the Ladies European Tour, will be a vibrant part of our community, making the most of our state-of-the-art Performance Centre and practice facilities.
Her success and passion for the sport make Booth an ideal partner for Apes Hill Barbados. Her impact and influence in the world of women’s golf have been tremendous and this newfound partnership aims to elevate women in golf and share her story to inspire other female golfers.


LUX Tennis

Apes Hill Barbados partners with LUX Tennis to bring an exclusive tennis and padel experience to our guests. This collaboration focuses on providing high-quality coaching and dynamic practice routines in the stunning surroundings of our luxury resort, promising a unique blend of sport and leisure.
The new tennis and padel program is designed to enhance guests’ game development, with the goal being to inspire and engage members and guests of all ages and skill levels, encouraging them to refine their tennis and padel skills.


Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. When you become a member, our multi-generation membership package means there is no limit to how you can enjoy our unique resort. Treat yourself to a luxurious lifestyle without limits.