The Only
Elevated Golf Resort
& Community
in Barbados

At 1000ft above sea level the panoramic views from one of the island’s highest elevations combine with the cooling breezes of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to create one of the most unique high points in the Caribbean and quite possibly the world. Bringing together a special community of those that love golf, enjoy bespoke experiences, wellness and balance. Opening November 2022.
Landscape view of cricket ground with lake

A Place of Prestige
Without Pretension

We believe that rules and formality often get in the way of enjoying the real pleasure of golf and the inimitable laid back lifestyle which so typifies the island of Barbados. So while we enjoy the prestigious nature of our Championship level golf course, at Apes Hill, we always try to keep things relaxed and informal.


Unmatched Golf
and Laid Back Living

Our 18- hole Championship level course plays like a dream, with contrasting spell binding vistas and breathtaking views over both the majestic Atlantic Ocean and more serene Caribbean Sea.

Meanwhile our Floodlit 9 hole Par 3 Course makes for a more casual play through with children and grandchildren - a truly memorable encounter by day, but especially so by night.

And when you want to vary your days, we have designed enriching experiences throughout the resort – from sunrise and sunset yoga sessions to gully trails for hiking, discovery and exploration, fishing in our reservoir or relaxing by the pool.

Monkey laying on tree
Aerial view of forest and grass around Apes Hill


Where the Golf's

On a Higher Level

Real Estate

Your Blissful Base

For Quintessential Barbados Living

We’re here to help  – whether its building your own exquisite space from the ground  up, or alternatively, finding an idyllic turnkey residence amongst our ultra luxurious collection. This is an aspirational address for those that have it all.

Sun loungers around a private pool at Courtyard Villas


Where New Faces
Quickly Become Friends

Here you can live amongst ancient bearded fig trees, dine close to the stars and spark long lasting friendships. With superb health care, direct flights from major cities and broadband connectivity, it’s seamless to settle or create a second home here in Barbados. But whether you choose to stay for a month or all year round, feeling like you belong at Apes Hill and that you always have, happens quickly.

Close up of golf ball next to a hole


Keeping it in the

(Apes Hill) Family

The pure, fresh, therapeutic breeze of the Atlantic east coast isn’t the only breath of fresh air. Membership here covers the whole family- with a wide range of activities that mean each generation can experience the peace, harmony, and distinctive pleasure of luxurious island living…together.

Grey bird sitting on tree branch
Apes Hill Mill during the daytime
Close up of yellow flowers

Learn More About Joining The Community

Please contact for rental or ownership information. We'd love to hear from you.