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Nature reigns supreme on the 475 acres of Apes Hill, with views of deep winding gullies and coral rock formations, as well as sand dunes and white capped breakers. Uniquely overlooking both the east and west coasts of diverse, beautiful Barbados, it's a soothing scene in which members quickly become friends, over a round of golf or a drink at the clubhouse.

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When you’re most relaxed is often when you play your best game, this sentiment is reflected in all we offer our members at Apes Hill. A community for golf lovers and for those seeking an exceptional lifestyle in an inspiring setting; whether that’s embracing outdoor pursuits, from trekking to cycling, or simply finding a moment of solitude lazing by the pool or being pampered at the Spa. 


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Elevated – And Down To Earth

Alluringly nestled next to one of the most remarkable points of elevation in the entire Caribbean, Apes Hill embraces the island’s fascinating Scotland District – a unique geographic area situated atop an underwater range that runs from Trinidad to Puerto Rico. Known as the Barbados Ridge Accretionary Prism, and one of few sub-marine mountain ranges to rise above sea level, here is a place to both revel in nature and play great golf.  Meantime, the stylish yet understated historic Holetown, with its picture postcard beaches, galleries, dining and museums, is only a few minutes drive away. 

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A Laid-back Idyll

Barbados’s waters are turquoise, its sands pink and its air the healthiest in the world - benefitting from the fresh trade winds of the Atlantic. A real life Eden, lush, green and ringed by coral reefs, Barbados sits where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. What’s more, the island is considered one of the safest in the region.

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A Better
Apes Hill

Sustainability isn’t something we just talk about. We are fully independent of Barbados’ water supply for the golf course and landscaping. We harvest rainwater from roof’s, roads and open spaces to be collected in our reservoir. Added to which, we’ve invested in drought tolerant grass to reduce water consumption, cut the number of sprinkler heads on the course by 56% and established 77 acres of farming on site. We’re far from finished, but we’re one step ahead.  The grass used throughout the golf course and amenities is drought resistant resulting in low water consumption and is dense to keep weeds out naturally. It requires limited fertiliser and is beautiful.


Find out more about our sustainable community here at Apes Hill.

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Please contact info@apeshill.com for rental or ownership information. We'd love to hear from you.

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