A life in harmony with

Our Environment

Sustainability is foundational to everything we do on and off the golf course. We’re not just building another green sustainable golf course; we’re building an eco-system rooted in responsible behaviour that puts our people, our wildlife and our planet first.

An Elevated &

Untouched Ecosystem

To live in harmony with our island, we need to do our part in protecting it. That is why we have invested heavily in our ecosystem. Whether it is using electric-powered golf carts or collecting rainwater to maintain our fairways, looking after our environment has always been second nature to us.


Sustainable Caribbean

Golf Course

Here golf’s not the only thing done in a fairway. We’ve ensured our course isn’t a burden on our community by planting Zorro Zoysia drought-resilient grass, building an irrigation system that collects rainwater in our 58-million gallon water reservoir and using local seaweed, manure and compost for fertiliser. We are far from finished, but we’re one step ahead.

Farm to Fork Initiative:

From Our Barbadian Farms

Sustainability is more than a goal - it's a way of life. With 60 acres dedicated to farming livestock, 30 bee hives, vegetable gardens, and 17 acres for fruit trees, we're committed to preserving biodiversity. We're planting passion fruit and lime trees, and other local trees for a vibrant ecosystem. Enjoy fresh, weekly crops from our gardens, including herbs, radishes, and soon, granadilla.

Pineapple growing in the Caribbean

Farm to Fork Initiative:

To Your Table

At Apes Hill Barbados, we're proud to farm for fresh herbs, edible flowers, and banana trees to make our food and drinks sustainable. Our chef ensures the highest quality, and our bar uses citrus and fruit peels in our signature cocktails. Enjoy farm-fresh banana bread and wellness drinks at our guest events, where we bring you the best of both worlds.