A life in harmony with

Our Environment

Sustainability is foundational to everything we do on and off the golf course. We’re not just building another green sustainable golf course; we’re building an eco-system rooted in responsible behaviour that puts our people, our wildlife and our planet first.

An Elevated &

Untouched Ecosystem

To live in harmony with our island, we need to do our part in protecting it. That is why we have invested heavily in our ecosystem. Whether it is using electric-powered golf carts or collecting rainwater to maintain our fairways, looking after our environment has always been second nature to us.

Audubon Certified

Golfing Greener,

Playing Cleaner

We’re delighted to have been certified under the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Programme, as a global certification granting third-party verification for our sustainability efforts.

Located within the Central Highlands of Barbados- one of the Caribbean’s most geologically unique and significant elevations, Apes Hill Barbados understands its responsibility to respect, preserve and enhance the rich natural heritage within its 475 acres.
We seek to maintain our commitments to the environment as a certified course under the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Programme and under the guidance of our own Environmental Policy.
Rain Reservoir
Hole 16 Mini Reservoir
Locally Sourced Ingredients


Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. Our multi-generation package membership allows you to share the Apes Hill lifestyle and experience the best of Barbados together, both on and off the greens.

Farm to Fork Initiative:

From Our Organic Farming

We've enriched Apes Hill with thousands of fruit trees—cherry, lime, guava, banana, breadfruit, papaya—offering organic produce and a thriving honey harvest with 30 bee hives for our community. This verdant oasis also sustains local wildlife, including Bajan green monkeys and birds like the American Golden Plover and Black Bellied Whistling Duck, underscoring our commitment to conservation and habitat restoration for species of concern.

Pineapple growing in the Caribbean

Farm to Fork Initiative:

To Your Table

At Apes Hill Barbados, we're proud to farm for fresh herbs, edible flowers, and banana trees to make our food and drinks sustainable. Our chef ensures the highest quality, and our bar uses citrus and fruit peels in our signature cocktails. Enjoy farm-fresh banana bread and wellness drinks at our guest events, where we bring you the best of both worlds.

Villa Design

Your Own Private

Eco-Haven Awaits

Our villas have been designed to take advantage of the natural ventilation of the pure Atlantic Tradewinds sweeping across the resort, which reduces the reliance on air conditioning systems.
We’ve utilised solar water heating technology and provided opportunities for the installation of solar photovoltaic panels for the generation of renewable energy. As you re-energise by the pool area, you can enjoy additional sustainable measures, such as a saltwater pools instead of chlorinated pools, a win-win for the environment and your enjoyment.
We’ve created a Bioswale Network to treat, absorb and convey stormwater runoff and naturally regenerate the landscape. Bioswales also provide landscaping that can also create habitats for birds, butterflies, and local wildlife, which will help in our biodiversity management.

Golf Course

Setting the Standard
For Sustainable Golf

When you’re playing at the 2023 World’s Best Eco-Friendly Resort according to the World Golf Awards, you’re playing on a course that has been outfitted with drought-tolerant turf grass known as Zorro Zoysia, which requires less water and chemicals for its maintenance.
Our courses are further irrigated solely from our 58-million-gallon rainwater reservoir, removing the burden on the municipal water supply. From the main rainwater reservoir, water is pumped to the golf course via an 8 million gallon mini reservoir, creating a unique water feature at our iconic Hole 16.
Across the course, we’ve earmarked several environmentally sensitive areas to ensure that we protect the biodiversity at Apes Hill, and we’ve also constructed several bee boxes found around the course, but in out-of-play areas, to encourage pollination within the ecosystem.


Elevated And Responsible

Island Living

Apes Hill Barbados is crafted with a focus on sustainability and nature, nestled in Barbados's Central Highlands, embracing the unique Scotland District.
Our location is a geological marvel, positioned on the Barbados Accretionary Prism, an underwater mountain range that surfaced millions of years ago due to tectonic shifts. This makes the Central Highlands not just the island's oldest region but a global natural heritage site above sea level.
Committed to preserving this extraordinary environment, Apes Hill Barbados offers an eco-friendly living experience amidst this rare and refreshing tropical haven, honouring our pledge to protect this invaluable natural legacy.


Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. Our multi-generation package membership allows you to share the Apes Hill lifestyle and experience the best of Barbados together, both on and off the greens.

Electric Golf Carts

Eco-Friendly Golf Carts

With Green Hearts

Getting around the resort is also an eco-friendly, yet state-of-the-art experience with our electric golf carts and vehicles all contributing to our efforts to reduce our carbon emissions. We have electric vehicle (EV) charging ports installed at all villa residences and at strategic locations across the resort for your convenience.

Waste Management

Waste Not, Want Not

Innovative Waste Management

While exploring our 475-acres of lush tropical beauty, you will witness several recycling and waste containers as we strive towards adopting sustainable waste management practices across the resort and community. 
Whether in your villa, at our restaurants or on the course, we look to continue finding ways to be eco-conscious when dealing with waste. We’re big on these little things we can all do to elevate our lifestyle responsibly.

The Apes Hill Pledge

Embrace A Greener 

Future Together

When you join our community or seek to experience our lifestyle for a short period, we encourage you to take the pledge, and join our efforts to live a sustainable lifestyle.
Whether it is reducing, reusing, and recycling, utilising local produce, conserving water and embracing the natural ventilation of the area or respecting our environmentally sensitive areas and the wildlife who call our resort home, you are helping us to achieve our sustainability goals as a resort and community, and also as a small developing island of the Caribbean.