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Hiking Trails

Embrace the rare blend of luxury and natural beauty at Apes Hill Barbados, where every trail tells a story. Our 12.5km of gully nature trails offer more than just a walk; they offer an immersive experience into a landscape filled with stunning views and geological wonders.

Iconic Views

Discovering Barbados

Through Signature Sights

Our trails are not just paths but portals to the past and showcases of nature’s artistry. As you meander along our gully trails, history and nature entwine to create an enchanting hiking experience. Uncover the secrets of a 100-year-old limestone kiln and breathe in the beauty of rare indigenous flora.
Each hike is a discovery, filled with educational and recreational treasures. Join our guided monthly hikes for a deeper understanding and connection with Barbados's natural and cultural heritage.

Explore the Gully Trails of Apes Hill

Delve into the verdant beauty where majestic 100ft Bearded Fig Trees rise and native Green Monkeys frolic. Our trails offer both the tranquillity of nature walks and the excitement of adventurous treks, accessible by foot or bike, inviting adventurers and nature lovers alike.

100ft Bearded Fig Trees

Majestic 100ft Bearded Fig Trees on the Apes Hill Hiking Trails.

A portrait photo of a green monkey among the trees at Apes Hill Barbados.

Native Green Monkeys

Explore the lush wonderland and say hello to the native Green Monkey’s on your way.

Historic Limestone Kiln

Follow the weaving path of our nature gully trails to discover a 100 year old limestone kiln.

Historic Trails

Discovery Barbados’

Hidden History

Embark on a journey through time as you explore the gully trails at Apes Hill. Here, history intertwines with nature, where the Old Indian Trail, also known as the Scotland Highway, offers a glimpse into the lives of Barbados' indigenous Amerindian population from the early 1400s.
With every step, you are following in the footsteps of history, past mill walls and limestone kilns that echo the industrious spirit of our ancestors. Our trails offer members and guests a chance to explore Barbados' rich cultural tapestry.


Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. Our multi-generation package membership allows you to share the Apes Hill lifestyle and experience the best of Barbados together, both on and off the greens.


What to Bring on Your
Hiking Expedition

Ready for a day on the trails? Start from any of our accessible points, and choose a path that matches your pace.
We recommend checking the weather ahead of time to ensure you plan for weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable hiking shoes.
Don't forget to pack light, stay hydrated, and bring a sense of adventure to fully enjoy the picturesque vistas and serene environment.
Upward view of palm trees

Wellness Activities

Relaxation and Recreation At Apes Hill Barbados

Extend your experience beyond the hiking trails. Apes Hill is a haven of leisure, offering everything from championship golf to a relaxing yoga session and tranquil in-villa spa treatments.
Every activity is crafted to enrich your stay, providing the opportunity for a holistic wellness experience and ensuring lasting memories in this lush landscape.

Island-Wide Adventures for Hiking Enthusiasts

Apes Hill is just the beginning. Barbados is a hiker's paradise, boasting trails that traverse breathtaking coastal views and tropical inland forests.
Coco Hill Forest, a 53-acre agrotourism project featuring 3kms of hiking trails overlooking the rugged east coast of Barbados. The trails are home to 70 species of tropical fruit trees, herbs, and spices. 
The island is also home to Walkers Reserve, a fascinating eco-tourism destination, located in the Scotland District. With two lakes, coastal dune forests and much more, these trails offer fun and educational activities for visitors. 
From the Northern Cliffs Hike, perfect for beginners, to the Mount Hillaby Loop, ideal for more advanced hikers, step beyond our resort to experience hiking adventures that showcase the island’s full natural splendour.
View of tropical forest

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