Tennis And Padel

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On Our Elite Courts

As padel tennis ascends in popularity, at Apes Hill Barbados we have proudly embraced this trend by offering both padel tennis and traditional tennis courts. Nestled amidst Barbados's lush landscapes, these facilities are not just about sports; they're a gateway to an elevated lifestyle.

Unveiling Our Premier
Tennis And Padel Courts

Our resort's elevated position provides breathtaking views, setting a magnificent backdrop for every match. Whether you're rallying on our full-size tennis courts or engaging in the fast-paced excitement of padel tennis, our state-of-the-art amenities ensure an unparalleled sporting experience.


Luxury Meets Competition on Our Courts

Our resort boasts eight exquisite padel tennis courts and two full-size tennis courts, each equipped with LED lighting to illuminate your games as the sun sets over the Caribbean.
The luxurious AGILE Turf, infilled with sand, provides a prestigious playing surface that's favoured across the Caribbean for its balance of playability and safety.
Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate amateur, our courts are designed to elevate your game in an environment that's as beautiful as it is competitive.

Full Size

Two Tennis Courts

Full Size

Eight Padel Courts

Expertly Designed

Lounge Area

Fully Equipped



Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. Our multi-generation package membership allows you to share the Apes Hill lifestyle and experience the best of Barbados together, both on and off the greens.


Redefined Relaxation Amenities

For Tennis Enthusiasts

After the excitement of the game, our amenities offer a tranquil escape. Our pavilion lounge area and washrooms are more than mere conveniences; they are a space where players can relax and reflect after a game.
Overlooking beautifully landscaped plazas, these spaces offer a serene environment to unwind. For those seeking to extend their day, nearby dining options at the 20th Hole Restaurant or the Noisy Cricket provide exquisite meal options, perfect for replenishing after a spirited match.
The outdoor sofa lounge area of the new 20th hole at Apes Hill.
 Savoury dishes and seafood prepared by Apes Hill's culinary team displayed on a marble surface.

LUX Tennis

Elevating Tennis With Our 

LUX Tennis Partnership

Apes Hill Barbados have partnered with LUX Tennis in more than a collaboration. With our own on-island tennis pro from LUX offering tailored lessons, we view this as a revolution in the way tennis is taught and enjoyed. This collaboration is designed to elevate your game, offering personalised coaching sessions that cater to your unique strengths and challenges.

Tennis Lessons

Book Your Path to Tennis Mastery With Hayden

Our resort offers a unique opportunity to enhance your tennis skills under the guidance of Hayden, a seasoned LUX Tennis professional. Our resident on-island tennis pro brings unparalleled expertise and a passion for coaching that transforms our tennis program into an elite training experience.
Available for players of all levels, our coaching sessions are designed to challenge, inspire, and improve your game. With options for private lessons or group sessions there's a format to suit everyone's preferences and goals.
Contact the team to book your lesson today.


Padel Tennis:

A New Wave Of Sport

While tennis has long been celebrated for its elegance and intensity, padel tennis emerges as a thrilling counterpart, offering a blend of strategy and accessibility.
The key differences lie not only in the size and texture of the balls but also in the court dimensions and scoring systems. Our resort proudly features facilities for both sports, allowing guests to explore and enjoy the nuances of each.

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