04 December 2023

Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Wellness & Golfing Vacation in the Caribbean

Golfing and wellness lovers find solace in a holistic getaway to the Caribbean, a destination that rejuvenates the body and spirit.
Two women face away from the camera as they do standing yoga poses.

Nestled amidst azure waters and sun-kissed sands, the Caribbean stands as a testament to world-class golfing, with meticulously manicured greens and sweeping fairways. Yet, the allure of the islands doesn’t stop at golf. Here, relaxation is a way of life, where every sun-drenched day invites visitors to embrace the leisurely rhythm of island living and find serenity in its unhurried pace. 


Part of what makes vacationing at Apes Hill so special is being in Barbados - a jewel of the Caribbean that is not just a backdrop for your holiday but a vital part of the experience. When you visit us, you're not just staying at a resort; you're immersing yourself in the essence of Barbados, an island that lends itself to both mental and physical rejuvenation. 


With new facilities arriving in 2024, a wellness and golfing retreat at Apes Hill transcends the typical spa-centric escape. It's an invitation to indulge in the island's culinary delights, abundant in fresh fruits and seafood, and to embrace the great outdoors, from snorkelling in the turquoise waters to trekking along lush, green paths that promise a feast of fresh air.


At Apes Hill, we advocate for a holiday that goes beyond the traditional; we encourage our guests to absorb the vibrant culture, engage with the environment, and allow the inherent vitality of island life to enrich every aspect of their stay.


It’s about nourishing the mind and soul. Join us as we explore all the components of your ultimate golfing and wellness break in the Caribbean. 



More Than Just a Fun Game, Golf is Good for Your Mental and Physical Health

Golf is more than a game; it's a holistic experience that offers profound mental and physical benefits. On the mental front, it challenges the mind, requiring strategy, concentration, and problem-solving, which can help sharpen cognitive abilities and enhance mental agility. Physically, golf promotes cardiovascular health with its extensive walking, boosts flexibility and balance through the swing motion, and builds core strength. It's also a stress reliever; the focus needed on the course can serve as a form of mindfulness, keeping daily distractions at bay and promoting a sense of calm. Learn more about the physical and mental health benefits of golf here.


Combined with the spectacular views of Barbados from our elevated golf course, golfing at Apes Hill is the perfect sport to complement a holiday focused on wellness and rejuvenation. Whether teeing off at dawn or putting at dusk, golf is a sport that not only tests the body and mind but also nourishes them.



Keeping Active With Other Sports in Barbados

The Caribbean is a playground for sports enthusiasts, offering an array of activities beyond the lush golf courses. From local cricket matches to exploring more of the island on horseback, there’s a never-ending list of activities to choose from. 


At Apes Hill we are excited to soon be opening our full range of two tennis and eight padel courts, along with other leisure facilities in the New Year. Meanwhile, we have excellent quality fitness facilities that allow our residents and guests to enjoy a morning, evening, or midday workout. 



A woman bends down to place a golf ball on the tee on the Apes Hill golf course.
A man swings his racket back as he prepares to return on the Apes Hill tennis courts.

The Rejuvenating Power of Nature in the Caribbean

Embracing the outdoors is a cornerstone of a wellness vacation in the Caribbean, where the fresh air is as revitalising as the vistas are breathtaking. A vacation at Apes Hill is synonymous with embracing nature, which is not just a feast for the eyes; it's a catalyst for wellbeing.



Take a Hike! … And Explore The Jungles And Gullies

The Caribbean landscape is a path to wellness. With a diverse array of hikes and trails tailored to suit every level of fitness, from gentle walks through lush gardens to more challenging hillside treks, there's a promise of rejuvenation for everyone. Married with the island's balmy breezes and panoramic views of the azure Caribbean Sea, the opportunity for a burst of endorphins is right at your doorstep. 


At Apes Hill, we have 12.5 kilometres of nature trails for you to explore, where our position 1000 feet above sea level means we are uniquely positioned for you to enjoy some of the most spectacular views on the island. Follow the trails deep into the gullies, and you will enjoy a similarly stunning experience. With 60 acres dedicated to farming livestock, 30 bee hives, vegetable gardens, and 17 acres for fruit trees, you will discover a treasure trove of nature even just walking around Apes Hill itself. And within our seasonal activity calendars, you can enjoy our community hikes and enjoy the company of our other guests and residents. 



Beach Days Call For Beach Walks

Strolling along the sun-kissed beaches of Barbados is a quintessential part of any wellness holiday, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the island and a calming state of mind. With the sand between your toes and the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore, it’s an easy way to relax and clear your mind. It's not just about the exercise; it's about connecting with the environment—feeling the freshness of the sea air and soaking in the expansive views that stretch out before you. The views are beautiful, the air is fresh, and there’s something about the water that just makes you feel good. 


For longer walks … Take a trip to Pierhead, one of the longest beaches in Barbados, or Morgan Lewis Beach.

For those seeking tranquillity… Take a walk along Fryers Well Beach on the northwestern coast, or Bottom Bay which is enclosed by high coral cliffs.

To soak up the Bajan buzz … Head to Dover Beach located in the popular St. Lawrence Gap. Here, the energy is palpable, with a bustling promenade lined with restaurants and various activities



Take Part in Yoga at Apes Hill

Pause and take a deep breath; your vacation at Apes Hill is designed to embody relaxation, encourage calm, and embrace a slower pace of life. It's an opportunity to unwind, disconnect from the hustle, and savour moments of tranquillity. To complement this ethos, we offer group yoga classes amidst the serene backdrop of Apes Hill, where stretching and strengthening under the open sky enhances the sense of peace and well-being that defines your stay with us.



A group of people do yoga poses on a green at Apes Hill that overlooks the stunning scenery of the island.
A landscape view of the luscious green jungle of Apes Hill's trees.

Wellness From The Inside Out With Caribbean Cuisine

A cornerstone of any wellness holiday is the emphasis on fresh, nourishing cuisine, and the Caribbean offers an abundance of just that. The islands' bountiful harvests bring farm-to-fork eating to life with an array of tropical fruits, vegetables, and fresh seafood that's not only flavorful but also packed with health benefits. In this sun-kissed paradise, meals are a vibrant tapestry of local ingredients, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, essential for revitalising the body and mind. 



Fresh and Sustainable Dining at Apes Hill

At Apes Hill we take the farm-to-fork approach very seriously. Our grounds are home to thousands of fruit, palm and coffee trees. We have a multitude of fauna and flora; an agave patch and 30 beehives on our golf course. We pride ourselves on being a bastion of sustainability, using the farm’s locally grown produce directly into the foods you can enjoy at our restaurants.


And our committed culinary team is dedicated to supporting small farms and local growers to supply ingredients if we don’t grow them onsite. Every dish we offer not only highlights the island’s flavours, but is also a testament to environmental stewardship. Read here to learn more about our sustainability at Apes Hill.



Invest in Yourself and Book Your Next Wellness Break to the Caribbean

A vacation in Barbados offers a sanctuary for the soul with its perfect melding of golf and wellness. Here, the fairways meander through breathtaking scenery, promising a holistic experience that extends well beyond the greens. The island's commitment to fresh, locally sourced food and the ingrained culture of slow living enrich the journey, providing sustenance for the body and a soothing balm for the mind. Each round of golf is complemented by the gentle pace of island life, where wellness is not pursued but naturally encountered in the rhythm of daily living. And after a day of hiking, yoga and wellness activities, why not book for a masseuse to come to your villa and ease any aches or pains you may have acquired? There isn’t really a better place to relax and unwind. If you want to book your next golfing and wellness vacation, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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