13 February 2023

5 Iconic Views from Apes Hill Barbados

Barbados has some of the most breathtaking natural views, and from Apes Hill you’re able to enjoy the swirling coastline, sparkling waters and introspective allure from a true vantage point.
Aerial view of forest and grass around Apes Hill.

The Apes Hill Guide 

Coastal views. A long, winding gully. An ancient cave. The golf course at Apes Hill Barbados has a natural backdrop you won’t find anywhere else.


Designed with sustainability in mind, the Apes Hill Golf Resort and Community has rooted itself in the environment, without upsetting the balance of nature, more akin to a gem in mother nature’s crown than a mark on her shoe.


Here are 5 iconic views that you can enjoy whilst playing a round of golf or hiking at Apes Hill Barbados.



The East Coast and a Stunning Scotland District

Being in Barbados’ Scotland District and the East Coast is like entering an undiscovered world. Very much hidden away from the bustle of the west coast, this side of the island assures natural landscapes, rugged cliffsides, and hills thrown with blankets of lush green foliage. It’s certainly a far cry from the not-too-distant Holetown. 


From the 13th and 14th holes your views will include groves of coconut trees and indigenous forest that are preserved as part of our natural heritage. 


The Scotland District is home to Cattlewash and Bathsheba beaches, the “sleeping giant” (a clay and stone hillside under a sheet of grass and shrubs), swirling white caps of an unforgiving Atlantic ocean, coastal reef that exposes rock pools with fish and marine life at low tide, world class surfing (Kelly Slater is a big fan), and impressive boulders that appear to have been chucked onto the beach like marbles being pitched.


This district is critical in Barbados’ history: the area is part of an underwater mountain range that emerged from the ocean millions of years ago. Currently, it is an ancient landscape of gullies and indigenous forest.



Orange sunset over hills from Hole 13 at Apes Hill Golf Course with a palm tree in the distance.

View from hole 13

Sweeping Sea Views from the top of Apes Hill

Benefiting from Apes Hill’s elevated setting at 1,000ft above sea level, one of the highest points on the island, the plots of land at Seaview Ridge enjoy uninterrupted westerly sea views and overlook the 1st fairway and down to the club house, sugar cane mill and out to the west coast (which has the most stunning sunsets on the island). 


This group of six homes are being built to complete late 2023 for a turn key experience. All boast enviable, completely controlled panoramic golf and sea views from an elevated position over the 1st green.


Sea view from the Apes Hill golf course

Weaving, Winding Gullies and a Historic Limestone Kiln

Views encapsulate more than sunsets and seascapes. Take the hiking trail deep into the gully and then simply look up. Enveloped in a shroud of canopy, you’ll hear the chatter of monkeys and birds who make these micro forests their home.


Whether you’re hiking or playing a round of golf, you’ll never be far away from groves of fruit trees, palm trees, banana trees, breadfruit trees, soursop, cherry trees, even coffee trees woven around the course.

There’s also an agave patch and wildflowers growing to attract butterflies. You can look for these trees and plants as you make your way around the course.


Keep an eye out for the old limestone kiln hidden along the way.

Mother and son sitting by a pond on a golf course.

waterfall hike at apes hill

One of Barbados’ Oldest Caves

At Hole 16 you’re in for a treat. As you play the course, you may notice a number of large limestone formations scattered like statues. These limestone rocks and boulders are reminders that the island of Barbados emerged from under the ocean. 

Especially interesting is the cave awaiting players at the 16th hole. It is complete with micro stalagmites and stalactites. This cave has geological significance and we recommend you take a moment to admire it and take photos. However, due to its age please proceed with respect and be careful not to touch any part of its structure.


A lake in the middle of the Apes Hill golf course, with trees and rugged terrain surrounding it.

16th Hole at Apes Hill Barbados

Cells of Life at The Clubhouse

With sustainability in our heart, it’s only natural that one of our views encompasses our take on “the cell”, which constantly reproduces and replenishes the body, as consistent as the verdant Zoysia Zorro grass on our championship fairways.


Inspired by Charles Jencks, embodying an architectural Zeitgeist as one of the US’s most renowned practitioners and theorists of art and architecture. Combining landscaping and postmodern art, Jencks has crafted surreal scenery that seems straight out of science fiction. 


One such work would be his contribution to Jupiter Artland, an exhibit in Edinborough, where Jencks highlights the microscopic cell and its important purpose. 


At Apes Hill Barbados, we interpret this artform in our own Cells of Life water feature which can be experienced near the club house in all its macroscopic beauty.


Cells of Life

Barbados’ Best Views

The elevation and natural beauty of Apes Hill Barbados afford owners and visitors some of the best views of the Caribbean island. Whether playing a round of golf or hiking the trails that wind through the resort, every view is postcard-worthy.

But don’t forget to explore the island outside of the resort where many more sights and sounds await visitors – whether it’s enjoying a rum cocktail on the sandy white beaches or being immersed in local sounds.