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Membership is about so much more than simply golf: covering the entire family, it’s a lifestyle and a community. After all, all members have a home on the resort at which to chill out and enjoy both the laid back pace of Bajan life and the beautiful natural surroundings.
couple enjoying the view from a hilltop at apes hill

One For All,

And All For One


Membership, which comes from owning property at Apes Hill Barbados, embraces the pace of Caribbean life. A resort where you can perfect your game, hike, swim and play doubles - where everyone can do their own thing. Kids can hit the biking trail, your partner can fish and grandparents can try their hand at the driving range, while you relax by the pool.


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A Golf Community

Like No Other

There are many perks to becoming a member of Apes Hill Golf Resort other than golf: padel tennis, natural gully trails for hiking, the concierge service … to name but a few. And then there’s the joy of connecting with like-minded individuals as you immerse yourself in the Apes Hill Barbados lifestyle. Now that truly is good for the soul.

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Membership at Apes Hill includes the entire family, whether or not you enjoy playing a round of golf together or prefer meeting up afterwards at the Clubhouse. From an afternoon spent enjoying wellness pursuits to a game of tennis on our floodlit courts, it’s a welcoming lifestyle, packed with experiences to suit all ages, that’s best shared with those you love.

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Private Golf Club

Members' Events

From Easter egg hunts to Christmas parties, members can relish a true sense of community at Apes Hill. With A diary punctuated with festivities open only to members and their guests, it’s easy quickly to feel at home and to celebrate special occasions with family and friends, both new and old.

easter egg hunt for Apes Hill golf members
tray of champagne at Apes Hill membership event
Bajan cocktails

Members Portal

In One Place

To keep things simple, our members portal makes the process of booking and ordering supremely easy. Using only your personal device to reserve classes, schedule tee times and order meals and drinks, you’ll have more time to fully kick back and immerse yourself in the golfing community.

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Real Estate

Laidback Luxury,
Contemporary Living


Join our Golf Community

Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. When you become a member, our multi-generation membership package means there is no limit to how you can enjoy our unique resort. Treat yourself to a luxurious lifestyle without limits.


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