16 January 2023

Introducing our Culinary Team

Meet the chefs adding their unique touch to the dining experience at the Clubhouse restaurant at Apes Hill Barbados.
A man places the garnish on a pineapple and tomato salad at Apes Hill.


As we prepare to open the doors to our Clubhouse restaurant in June 2023, the culinary team at Apes Hill Barbados welcomes the expertise of Executive Chef Javon Cummins and Food and Beverage Consultant Manuela Scalini, who together, will create modern and classical Mediterranean dishes from fresh, sustainably harvested foods.

The result is a fusion of talent; Javon’s highly acclaimed and visually-appealing presentations, combined with Manuela’s mastery over wellness and focus on nature will make dining at Apes Hill Barbados a gastronomic experience like no other.

Meet Executive Chef Javon Cummings

Javon Cummins is an award-winning chef with a passion for cuisine, whose visual style ensures a story behind each dish. Naturally creative, his imagination has allowed him to deliver unique epicurean experiences for over 10 years. Javon exemplifies excellence and has been named Pastry Chef of the year 2017, Junior Chef of the year 2013 and has been a member of the Barbados Culinary Team that won Gold medals in 2013 and 2017, all at the Taste of the Caribbean, in Miami Florida.


At the national level, Javon has represented Barbados as a Culinary Ambassador, through the tourism board, and has travelled to share the unique culinary delights which are signature to the island.



Meet Food and Beverage Consultant Manuela Scalini

Manuela Scalini is an international wellness, food and lifestyle consultant and professionally trained plant-based chef. 


Born and raised in Brazil, Manuela has made Barbados her home after 20 years in California, where she led retreats, workshops and worked as a personal chef. 


Inspired by her world travels and as a nature advocate, Manuela interweaves her mixed Brazilian heritage into her culinary consultancy, merging traditional local and indigenous foods with contemporary fine dining gastronomy.



Dining Sustainably at Apes Hill Barbados

The dining and drinking experience at Apes Hill Barbados not only distinguishes itself through the masterful way in which Javon and Manuela combine authenticity with flavour.


The team also places a high value on supporting small farms and growers, sourcing hyper-local ingredients, including some which are grown on the golf course itself.

Manuela expresses it well: ‘We are doing more than just planning a beautiful farm to fork menu, we are creating an experience and bringing change to our community as well as supporting our ecosystem. It is a very powerful mission and place to be.’

An up close view of the hundreds of herbs and vegetables grown at Apes Hill Barbados.
A view of a mango grown on a tree at Apes Hill Barbados.


Residents and golf course members can now enjoy the food and drinks at our newly opened Halfway House, the 20th Hole and The Noisy Cricket, our Clubhouse.


If you would like to speak to the team about becoming a member or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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