05 February 2024

The Noisy Cricket: A Gourmet Journey Begins

Prepare to indulge in a culinary adventure like no other as we unveil The Noisy Cricket Bar and Restaurant, the newest culinary gem of the Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort & Community.

In the elevated oasis of Apes Hill Barbados, a new culinary chapter is written—one that promises to delight the senses and awaken the palate. Meet The Noisy Cricket, a bar and restaurant that transcends traditional dining, offering a symphony of flavours in an opulent setting. This blog invites you to uncover the essence of The Noisy Cricket, from its tantalising menu to the visionary designers who have crafted its ambience. 


Enjoy spectacular views overlooking Apes Hill's Championship Golf Course

Fine Dining and Culinary Creations

Coastal Mediterranean cuisine with a Caribbean twist and infused with the essence of Apes Hill is the signature palate for The Noisy Cricket. We seek to balance wellness, nourishment and flavour with our commitment to sustainability and our community. Our talented food and beverage team takes you on an exquisite culinary journey, which celebrates local, and clean foods and the art of sustainable island living. Apes Hill’s food and beverage outlets help to deliver a true farm to table dinner experience, by utilising the crops and herbs being grown on its organic farm and local produce from the surrounding communities. 


“It's a mixture between fast, home-cooked, golfer’s food, mixed with an elevated sustainable farm to table, epicurean experience”- our Executive Chef Javon Cummins.



The Faces Behind The Noisy Cricket

Friendly and familiar faces will greet you as you enter our Clubhouse and venture into The Noisy Cricket for a relaxing, yet elevated culinary experience. Our award-winning Executive Chef, Javon Cummins sits at the culinary helm of this natural wonder known as Apes Hill, leading a young and multi-talented team. Chef Javon has competed internationally and has come away with many medals for his unique epicurean style, which is as artistic as it is delicious. With over 8 years of experience, our Food and Beverage Manager Terisha Coppin can often be seen with warm smile greeting members and guests. 


“We offer some of the finest beverages and our bartenders, who know our members and guests by name, curate exciting cocktails that are as tasty as they look. Naturally, our emphasis on service and satisfaction gels everything together for a memorable experience.”- Terisha Coppin, Food and Beverage Manager




Aesthetic and Ambiance: Our Design Story

The Noisy Cricket brings multiple elements of Apes Hill to life. Located within the newly redesigned Clubhouse, it offers a contemporary aesthetic, with a relaxed atmosphere accomplished through exquisite finishings, timeless art and spell-binding views. 


It is an illustration of our many passions at Apes Hill including craftmanship, design and art with displays adorning the walls in a tastefully orchestrated way. The designs were conceptualized with a contemporary, organic and minimalist approach to create a poetic environment that blends well with the modern design of the building. A highlight as you transcend the interior is a vibrant work of art featuring a selection of spectrum panels featuring a digitally sketched rendering of golf balls in freefall created by Amel Chamandy. 


The gateway to The Noisy Cricket displays black and white epic professional golfers’ photographic imagery in a dream and subdued digitally altered to transcend the viewer, which was reproduced by the artist’s Gallery NuEdge in Montreal. The stark contrast of black and white imagery and vibrant splashes of colour help to deliver a multisensory experience.


“What we are trying to offer is an absolute modern lifestyle and to be the best that we can possibly be. We have totally renovated the clubhouse…still trying to keep the structure but it has moved from a more traditional structure to an absolute modern building”- Clyde Mason, Contracts Manager.


The spacious, open-floor plan, filled with plush lounge furniture and large glass doors, which open out on to a covered seating area lends itself to a relaxing atmosphere. Large screens scattered around the room set the tone for lively comradery and competition while watching the latest matches of sporting leagues globally. 


A relaxed yet friendly atmosphere greets you in the Noisy Cricket

The Noisy Cricket’s Grand Opening

A mid-November evening brought our community together for a special members’ opening of The Noisy Cricket. The grand event featured cocktails, canapés and lively camaraderie as the sun’s last rays glistened over the west coast providing a cascade of vibrant colour across a magnificent golf course view. Live entertainment by talented local artistes and celebratory remarks by our Executive Chairman Sunil Chatrani and Barbados’ Minister of Tourism and International Transport, The Hon. Ian Gooding Edghill, MP, marked the bar and restaurant officially open. All in attendance including our members, specially invited guests, our Apes Hill team and owner Mr. Glenn Chamandy and his family, were treated to a delightful evening under the theme, Whispers of Flavour.  


The Noisy Cricket Bar and Restaurant sits within the heart of our community - The Clubhouse - beautifully designed as a space for the most engaging, entertaining, and enticing experiences. Overlooking the 19th Hole, it's the perfect place for a mid-game bite or drink. It will be a hub of activity, and a unique blend between a sports bar and fine dining space, offering the ultimate dichotomy of Apes Hill’s ethos - elevated, yet wholeheartedly down to earth.