Unparalleled Golf

Little Apes:
Our 9-Hole Par-3 Course

Welcome to Little Apes, our exquisite 9-hole par-3 course, a jewel in Barbados' golfing crown. Designed to enchant golfers of every skill level, Little Apes is a tapestry of challenges and delights.

The Ultimate Course

For Every Golfer

Drawing inspiration from legendary holes across the globe, our course spans from 95 to 145 yards, offering a playful yet thrilling challenge. Here, every stroke is a journey through golfing excellence, set against the backdrop of our island's breathtaking beauty.

Designed To a Tee

Family Fun

On The Fairway

Little Apes is not just a golf course; it's a family adventure waiting to unfold. With its welcoming par-3 layout, it's the perfect setting for introducing the joys of golf to your children.
The course's manageable distances and engaging design encourage young golfers to learn, play, and grow in the game. It's a place where family memories are made, laughter echoes through the fairways, and the love for golf is kindled in young hearts.
Enjoy the tranquil ambience and the lush greenery as you navigate through our 9-hole course, rejuvenating your mind and body.
A portrait photo of a green monkey among the trees at Apes Hill Barbados.

Story of Development Par 3 and 19th Hole


Join Our Community

Apes Hill Barbados is a community that you want to belong to forever – and you can. When you become a member, our multi-generation membership package means there is no limit to how you can enjoy our unique resort. Treat yourself to a luxurious lifestyle without limits.

Your Go-To 9-Hole Course
For A Post-Work Golf Session

For the busy professional, Little Apes offers an idyllic escape. Perfect for a quick game after work, our par-3 course lets you unwind and challenge yourself without demanding too much time. It's a haven where you can enjoy the essence of golf, feel rejuvenated, and return to your evening refreshed, all within the span of a few leisurely hours.

Practice Facilities

Refine Your Technique At Our

Advanced Practice Facilities 

At Apes Hill Barbados, we've crafted a golfer's paradise with practice facilities that blend luxury with cutting-edge technology. Our Performance and Teaching Center, a Caribbean first, is equipped with advanced swing analysis tools to enhance every aspect of your game.
You can practice your precision on our putting and chipping greens, and take a swing at our luscious driving range, which allows you to embrace the opportunity to improve under the stars with our illuminated facilities. It's here that beginners and elite players alike find their perfect swing.

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