17 October 2022

Your Barbados Golf Vacation: Sunshine In The Wintertime

Don’t let winter stop your game. It’s always warm at Apes Hill Barbados.

Apes Hill Barbados – You’ll Wish You Were Here

Stash your sweaters and swap your boots for sandals at Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort and Community for the winter season. The weather’s always warm here and you don’t have to give up the great game over the holidays. 

Here are a few reasons you might wish you were here at Apes Hill Barbados…



Barbados is a Top Caribbean Golf Destination

And let’s face it, you deserve a great winter golf vacation.


You’ve worked hard all year, so how about a well-deserved change of scenery? Though Barbados enjoys a toasty year-round climate, the December to February months tend to be cool thanks to coastal sea breezes. And, on the east coast of the island you can catch a wave as north swells from the trade winds make it the perfect surf spot for regular surfers. 


Imagine playing a round of golf at Apes Hill, surrounded by emerald-green trees, the sound of playful monkey chatter, and the warmth of the sun. Simply told - Barbados is your ultimate winter golf getaway. Even the spectacular herons and egrets take temporary residence on our lovely shores. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot them during their migration. 


You can take pleasure in a leisurely spa break, indulge in a lazy day at the beach and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of the Apes Hill Barbados Clubhouse. With a background of lively laughter, and the vibrant colours and scents of farm to fork cuisine, you can refresh yourself after a round of golf in the sun with some friends, family or while relaxing on your own.


When the weather starts to cool down in your area, don’t shelf your clubs - now is the best time to pack your bags and travel to our tropical island, where there’s unlimited sunshine and your favorite sport can be enjoyed year-round. No winter jackets needed. It’s pure perfection.  


And as an added bonus, Apes Hill Barbados is only a 25 minute drive from the airport!



Things to do in Barbados: Holiday Festivities

From breath-taking beaches to a vibrant nightlife, the tropical island is packed with holiday festivities. 


While Barbados celebrates its Independence, November is filled with festivities for everyone in the family. And, speaking of events, the 'Barbados Food and Rum Festival' and ‘Barbados Independence Surf Festival’ are for the foodies, music lovers and thrill seekers- it’s all about the culture!


If you’re in town over the winter holidays, you can indulge in local delicacies such as our famous ‘Bajan black cake’ (a moist cake made with fruit intoxicated with rum) or sorrel (a tasty, spiced Bajan traditional drink). We recommend fine dining at our myriad of restaurants over the season, and you’ll be sure to catch a blissful array of entertainment- stilt walkers, steel pan and live bands.


In Barbados, you can revel in cultural celebrations and the sunshine-the best of both worlds!

A golden rum is being poured from a carafe into three small glasses lined up on a wooden surface.
A woman dressed in bright pink feathers and a silver diamond bikini smiles and dances through the street

How to Travel for Your Golf Getaway

We’re here to help you have a stress-free winter golf getaway with a few recommendations. 


To give you the most elevated luxury experience, Apes Hill Barbados makes this process so simple. This includes everything from booking your holiday home exactly how you like it, reserving a caddy, and having your golf clubs and luggage delivered ahead of time.


If you prefer to travel with your own golfing gear, we’d be happy to assist you also. Golf clubs are generally treated as ordinary luggage by most airlines. If they don't exceed the allowed weight, there is no extra fee. We recommend checking with your airline or travel agent so there are no surprises.


To ensure your golf clubs and equipment stay protected on your holiday it’s important to use durable hard case luggage. If you prefer soft travel bags, don’t forget to include packaging materials inside of your golf bag or pack a golf-club protection device. 


To avoid missing any golf time, a ‘contact details’ tag with your personal ID and resort contact information will work best for you to easily identify and reclaim your bags if lost.



Golf with the Family: The 9 Hole Par 3 Course

Fancy a family game? Walk the highly landscaped 9 hole Par 3 course in the cool of the afternoon.

This course measures around 1100 yards long in total and has been designed for all levels of golfers, young and old, to enjoy and have fun together in a casual atmosphere. 


The ‘signature’ of the Par 3 course is a selection of holes inspired by some of the most famous holes in golf.  Avid golfers will recognize them, family members will enjoy them.


At the end of the Par 3 course lies the state-of-the-art Apes Hill Performance & Teaching Centre, with the latest PuttView technology. This Centre is one of a kind in the Caribbean and the best place to begin. You can even upgrade your golf gear at our pro shop.


The best way to make the most of your trip is to relax. After all, you’re on a tropical island - it’s what we do!



A father stands over his young son as he helps him put a golf ball on the lush green Apes Hill golf course.
An older couple hold hands and smile as they stroll with their dog on the golf green, which is surrounded by natural rock formations.

Apes Hill Barbados is a Sustainable Golf Holiday

We’ve saved the best for last. Apes Hill Barbados has been designed with sustainability in mind. It is on a trajectory to be the most environmentally sustainable golf course in the Caribbean. Designed to work harmoniously with nature, Apes Hill Barbados is one of the most captivating locations for golf and ultra luxury resort living.


There’s no doubt sustainability is at Apes Hill Barbados’ core, from the rainwater reservoir - a lake of 58 million gallons of rainwater - which sustains the golf course, to the preservation of natural heritage, to low impact construction techniques and community farming initiatives.


As you play the back 9 of the golf course, you can admire the incredible views out to the indigenous forest and rock formations of the Scotland District. This district is critical in Barbados’ history: the area was once part of an underwater mountain range that emerged from the ocean millions of years ago. Every effort is made not only to preserve it, but to promote its prosperity.


Apes Hill Barbados' dedication to sustainability makes it a rewarding experience for golfers.


Contact the team today for more information on booking your winter golf getaway.


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A panoramic view of the blue lake surrounded by an expanse of green and bordered by natural rock formations at the 16th hole on the Apes Hill golf course.

The 16th hole on our par-73 golf course