02 January 2023

Warm Wishes: What’s Christmas like in Barbados?


Here the Apes Hill Barbados team shares some of the highlights of Christmas in Barbados, along with the first festive calendar of events they hosted for members of the newly opened golf community.
A Merry Christmas window display with baubles at Apes Hill.


Christmas in Barbados will warm your heart. The Caribbean has long since been a favourite Christmas destination for those looking to escape to warmer climates but Barbados specifically brings a special touch of magic. Breezes are cool, not frosty, and the whole island remains as vibrant as a Christmas tree. Carols sound like steel pan and ‘parang’ and people dust sand off their shoes, not snow.


Here we drink sweet sorrel at Christmas, as red as tinsel, and eat Black Cake, also known as Great Cake, that’s steeped in rum for months before it’s deemed ‘ready’. On Christmas Day, Queen’s Park resounds with the talented Barbados Police Band as families, foreigners and locals gather in appreciation. Many come from church, dressed to the nines while little ones tip-toe to see the musicians over the crowd.


Over the holidays, the capital Bridgetown becomes a hive of activity, as the old city has its charm turned on with lights and décor popping up in show windows and busy shoppers filling the streets until late.




A Truly Bajan Christmas

Barbados is the culinary capital ofthe Caribbean, and our traditional Christmas dishes certainly don’t disappoint. Along with our signature rum soaked cake you can also expect baked hams, lamb chicken and turkey.


Christmas is the perfect time to experience unique dishes that embody the heritage of Barbados, such as Jug-Jug. This dish is a homage to the Scottish heritage of Barbados and takes inspiration from traditional Scottish haggis.

Enjoy this experience as warm days turn to cooler evenings and the sky takes on a celestial light with blends of soft orange, honeycomb and lilac.




Prawns on a glowing barbeque at Apes Hill Barbados.
Pieces of meat on a glowing barbecue at Apes Hill Barbados.

Holiday Events At Apes Hill Barbados

While Bridgetown and Queens Park came alive in their own way, this Christmas at Apes Hill we gave you the best gift we could think of: new memories. We hosted a range of exciting holiday events during the month of December to bring our golf resort community together.


Whether it was heart-warming charity work, dancing around the greens, jogging through the jungle or stretching in the serene scenery, members enjoyed our series of community-oriented events. We’ll certainly bring them back again next year. Here’s a taste of what we got up to over the holidays.



Operation Christmas Dream: Supporting Local Children

While the island was humming with festivity, we were busy cooking up our own holiday plans. True to the reason-for-the-season, we are constantly considering our community– whether it’s taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment, or finding new and inventive ways to give back. 


Operation Christmas Dream was one such initiative. In partnership with a local children’s home the Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs, we exchanged gifts with the wards in the children’s home. They got presents and we got smiles. The team is currently exploring more ways to assist these young people and we intend to continue to support them in the future.



Golden Hour: A lively mixer for our members

Once dusk rolls around, Apes Hill Barbados is washed in the amber glow of a tropical sunset. We knew this would make the perfect backdrop to a social mixer for our members and residents. During the aptly named Golden Hour event the mood was energetic, as members took the afternoon to socialize and enjoy our live entertainment.


Friends were made and food was had as members danced to the beat of the music. The appetizers were a smashing hit and vessels of hors d'oeuvres returned crewless with every voyage through the crowds of members.




A landscape portrait of an outdoor dining set up in the early evening, ready for guests at Apes Hill Barbados.
An up close view of a man holding a platter of canapés for guests at Apes Hill to enjoy

The Community Hike: Combining Fitness With Fun

Situated 1,000 feet above sea level, we are uniquely positioned to enjoy some of the most spectacular views on the island of Barbados. Follow the trails deep into the gullies, and you will enjoy a similarly stunning experience. It’s our very own Emerald City of ancient mahogany, groves of cherry, banana and breadfruit trees and other indigenous plants.


As everyone came together for this nature hike, they wound their way through the maze of green and past the fairways on a particularly breathtaking experience. Groups took the hike at their own pace - some opted to make a workout of the day, and others preferred to go at a more leisurely pace, stopping to admire the views along the way.


Members greatly enjoyed what was easily our biggest event of the year and can look forwards to a second run coming up later in our Easter Schedule.




A family enjoying the nature at Apes Hill on our community hike

Yoga at Apes Hill Barbados

Sprawling ocean views. Lush forests extending to sapphire coasts. Herons and ospreys roosting in the canopy of tropical trees. These are just a few of our favourite things, and why Apes Hill Barbados is the perfect setting for a relaxing members yoga retreat.


The second biggest event of the year, our members enjoyed relaxing and releasing any stress they had built up over the year. Whether it was a tree pose or heron pose, stretchers and instructors found tranquility in the sights and sounds of the Caribbean paradise. 


Two women and one man hold a warrior pose as they take part in a nighttime yoga class.

You don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy Barbados.

Year round our calendar of events is packed full of goodies like these to help you enjoy your stay at the resort. We look forward to welcoming you next time. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about becoming a member, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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