09 October 2023

Some Of The Best Bars In Barbados: From Laid-Back Beach Bars To Lounges Of Elegance

Copious amounts of rum, rainbow-coloured fruits grown in the Bajan sunshine and a never-ending array of beachfront bars and cocktail lounges.
A refreshing cocktail in a wine glass sits on a table at a beach bar in Barbados at sunset.

It will come as no surprise that Barbados’ bar scene is an explosion of flavour and vibrancy. Locally-grown mangoes, guavas, grapefruits, watermelons, passion fruits, cherries, coconuts and apples are mixed with world-renowned Bajan rum. The result - fresh and unique Bajan cocktails that will leave your taste buds tingling. And it’s not just your palette that will be delighted; colourful Caribbean beats and dance floors under glittering lanterns create a vivacity unique to this part of the globe. 


Exploring the island’s bar scene is integral to a complete experience of Barbados. So, whether you’re looking to go straight from sunbathing to sipping at a beach bar, or you’re after something more formal, perhaps to celebrate a special occasion, here are our top picks for an unforgettable night (or a forgettable one, if you’re enjoying the Bajan drinks a little too much!). And for our guests and homeowners at Apes Hill Barbados, we’ve taken into consideration the travel times and modes of transport needed for you to enjoy the Bajan cocktail circuit.



Unwind From Sunrise to Sunset At a Beach Bar In Barbados

Nothing quite encapsulates a Caribbean holiday more than looking out over an array of swaying palm trees and turquoise waters gently lapping the white sand shore, drink in hand. And what better way to make the most of it than by making it a day trip to the beach? Live in true barefoot luxury as you move in the late afternoon from sun bed to bar lounger, and watch the sun set on another day in paradise.



The Sea Shed Bar

Nestled right on the edge of shimmering turquoise waters, Sea Shed Bar radiates an ambiance of sun-soaked leisure and easygoing elegance. 


The vibe: Rustic wooden elements meet contemporary design, inviting patrons to sink their feet into the soft sand while sipping on a handcrafted cocktail. The gentle sounds of the sea, coupled with rhythmic island beats, set the perfect soundtrack for sunset gatherings and moonlit evenings. 


The people: You can guarantee an eclectic mix of individuals at every beach bar in Barbados, and The Sea Shed is no different. A lively mix of sun-chasers, island enthusiasts, and laid-back adventurers provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as they share stories and laughter throughout the day and night.


If you have only one drink, order … The Sea Shed Rum Punch. A classic cocktail that captures the spirit of the island and is made from local rum, it’s a must-try for any visitor. You can’t get a more authentic rum punch than here in Barbados!


Distance from Apes Hill: 15 minute drive



The Fish Pot

The Fishpot in Barbados stands as a beacon of coastal tranquillity and culinary sophistication. Set within a historic 17th-century fort along the island's serene northern coast, this restaurant offers a dining experience that melds the rustic charm of its stone walls with panoramic views of the cerulean Caribbean Sea. 


The vibe: The vibe is one of relaxed elegance, where the gentle sea breeze and soft murmur of waves create a harmonious backdrop for the delectable marine-centric dishes. With its blend of rich history and fresh, modern touches, The Fish Pot beckons both locals and visitors to enjoy an unforgettable evening of refined relaxation and captivating conversation.


The people: Patrons at The Fish Pot mingle with a crowd of discerning food lovers and well-travelled connoisseurs, drawn together by their shared appreciation for the Fish Pot’s unique setting and delectable offerings. With a mix of international visitors enchanted by the island's charms and well-heeled locals who return time and again for the consistently exquisite dishes, the crowd exudes a cosmopolitan flair. 


If you have only one drink, order … off their extensive wine list. Take the opportunity to try a wine from a region of the world you haven’t yet ventured into.


Distance from Apes Hill: 20 minute drive



Local & Co

A tastefully contemporary venue, Local & Co offers a vibrant and colourful setting in which to enjoy and appreciate the local ingredients and produce of Barbados. 


The vibe: The ambiance is a perfect mix of warm, rustic charm and modern sophistication. With a menu that pays homage to Barbadian traditions, every corner of this spot tells a story. Whether it's the murmur of locals sharing the day's tales or the laughter of tourists discovering new favourites, the vibe at Local and Co is invitingly genuine. It's a space where tradition meets today, and every guest feels the heart of Barbados. 


The people: Sun worshippers, social butterflies and boogie-loving beachgoers flock to Local & Co, coming together to celebrate the island's captivating culture and charm.


If you have only one drink, orderthe Guava Frose, which blends locally grown, sweet guavas with fragrant and delicate rose notes. It’s a unique flavour combination, and a must-try.


Distance from Apes Hill: 18 minute drive



La Cabane

Blending rustic charm reminiscent of a timeless beach cabana with opulent elegance, La Cabane crafts a quintessential coastal chic retreat on Batts Rock Beach. 


The vibe:  The spirit of Barbados thrives, offering a genuine escape where visitors can soak in the sun, savour tropical concoctions, and immerse themselves in the island's serene beauty. Sit back and get lost in the soundtrack of reggae and calypso beats, as you gaze over the sparkling Caribbean sea. 


The people: From sun-seekers lounging with a cocktail in hand to couples sharing intimate moments against the backdrop of the setting sun, the crowd is diverse yet united in their appreciation for coastal elegance. Conversations flow effortlessly, weaving tales of island adventures with shared laughs and newfound friendships. 


If you have only one drink, order … the “Cooc Loco”, where local Mount Gay XO rum is served in a coconut picked from the multitudes swaying palm trees. 


Distance from Apes Hill: 20 minute drive



Tides Restaurant

Tides is a charming beachside retreat that embraces the relaxed island spirit, combining the natural splendour of Barbados with an upscale culinary and specialist cocktail experience. 


The vibe: Set amidst a serene oceanfront setting, the sophisticated atmosphere is accentuated by the soothing sounds of the waves and a refined, yet warm interior design featuring wood, coral stone, and tropical accents. The soft glow of ambient lighting and intimate seating arrangements make Tides Restaurant an ideal choice for romantic evenings.


The people: A diverse clientele of perceptive diners, enamoured couples, and world-weary travellers come together to savour the exquisite flavours, attentive service, and breathtaking views that define the Tides Restaurant experience.


If you have only one drink, order the "Ocean Bliss," a refreshing cocktail that mirrors the elegance of the venue. This enticing libation is crafted with premium vodka, elderflower liqueur, a splash of fresh grapefruit juice, and a hint of rosemary-infused simple syrup, served over ice and garnished with a sprig of rosemary.


Distance from Apes Hill: 10 minute drive

A couple on vacation being served by a beach attendant and enjoy the Caribbean sea.
Two rum cocktails stand on a wooden table which looks out over a beach in Barbados during sunset.

Sip in Style in a Bar of Opulence

As the sun sets in Barbados, the doors to candlelit lounges and intimate speakeasies open, inviting you into a world of distinguished delight where artisan cocktails and selected liquors are served by smiling waiters. Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other particular occasion in the Caribbean is special; so wash off your sea-soaked hair, put on your more elegant attire, take your pick of venue, and indulge in an evening of sophistication. And if you're here on a romantic vacation, take a look at our top tips for planning your ultimate couples' golfing break.


Red Door Lounge

Frequently referred to as the ‘crown jewel’ of Bajan nightlife, Red Door Lounge exudes a sultry, cosmopolitan atmosphere, not unknown to attract many different high profile guests. 


The vibe: Stepping through the iconic red door, guests are greeted by a dimly lit, intimate setting adorned with plush velvet seating, sleek design accents, and ambient lighting that sets the mood for a night of revelry. The pulsating beats from resident DJs and occasional live music acts provide the perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable evening of dancing, socialising, and sipping artisan cocktails.


The people: Red Door Lounge draws in a fashionable crowd of stylish locals, well-travelled party-goers, and those seeking a taste of Barbados' vibrant nightlife scene.


If you have only one drink, order … the "Scarlet Night," a captivating and visually striking cocktail crafted with premium gin, a splash of Chambord raspberry liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and a touch of house-made lavender syrup.


Distance from Apes Hill: 10 minute drive



The Cocktail Kitchen

The Cocktail Kitchen in Barbados is a vivacious bar and kitchen, seamlessly blending the island's rich history with a modern culinary twist. At the heart of the Cocktail Kitchen is its dynamic bar, where mixologists craft artful concoctions, combining local rums and fresh tropical ingredients to create symphonies in a glass.


The vibe: Visitors are immediately struck by its hip and stylish ambiance, where the rhythm of Caribbean beats subtly plays in the background, inviting guests to unwind and indulge. The decor, with its mix of rustic island elements and sleek, modern touches, reflects the establishment's philosophy: a deep respect for tradition paired with a passion for innovation.


The people: The Cocktail Kitchen plays host to a colourful mosaic of patrons, each bringing their own flavour to the venue's vibrant ambiance. The lively chatter, punctuated by laughter and the clinking of glasses, showcases the essence of Bajan hospitality – warm, welcoming, and irresistibly spirited.


If you have only one drink, order … the "Lavish Sensation". A unique blend of pink grapefruit, falernum, black pepper, E.S.A. Field White Rum and nutmeg, this is a drink unlikely to be found anywhere else.


Distance from Apes Hill: 43 minute drive



The Mews Restaurant and Piano Bar

The Mews in Barbados offers an enchanting blend of rustic charm and contemporary refinement, providing an inviting atmosphere for those seeking a unique dining and nightlife experience. With a farm-to-fork approach, the island’s agricultural community is supported and a deeper connection is fostered between diners and the land.


The vibe: Housed in a lovingly restored historic building, The Mews features a cosy courtyard, exposed brick walls, and eclectic artwork, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that encourages conversation and camaraderie. As the evening progresses, the energy of live music and cheerful chatter fills the air, inviting guests to lose themselves in the captivating atmosphere.


The people: Food lovers, local socialites and well-travelled visitors all gather to indulge in the creative culinary offerings.


If you have only one drink, order … the "Barbadian Balm." A combination of Mount Gay rum, freshly muddled mint leaves, a splash of homemade ginger syrup, a squeeze of lime, all topped off with a dash of soda water, this is a cocktail that showcases the island's exceptional rum, and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.


Distance from Apes Hill: 10 minute drive



Naru Restaurant

A harmonious fusion of Caribbean flavours and Asian culinary influences, the food at Naru is just as much of a spectacle as their drinks offerings.The restaurant's modern, minimalist design adds an air of sophistication, while the attentive yet unobtrusive service ensures a seamless and memorable dining experience.


The vibe: The intimate, beachfront setting, featuring flickering candlelight, soft ocean breezes, and the soothing sound of waves lapping at the shore, creates an atmosphere of serenity and enchantment that encourages couples to lose themselves in each other's company.


The people: Food enthusiasts, curious travellers, and locals seeking a unique dining experience come together at Naru to delight in the food and drinks, and soak in the serene, oceanside vibe that defines this Bajan dining haven.


If you have only one drink, order … the "Caribbean Sake-tini," a delightful fusion of Caribbean and Asian flavours that mirrors the restaurant's innovative culinary approach. This enticing cocktail is crafted with premium sake, local white rum, a hint of lychee liqueur, and a splash of fresh lime juice.


Distance from Apes Hill: 34 minute drive



QP Bistro

Declaring themselves as having ‘Good food, good vibes,’ QP Bistro is exactly that, where Caribbean flair meets classic bistro elegance.


The vibe:  It's a haven where gastronomy and atmosphere blend seamlessly, making QP Bistro the go-to spot for those looking to savour a fusion of both international and Bajan cuisine. As day turns to night and the live music begins, QP Bistro transforms into a beautifully lit haven for leisurely conversations and relaxing beats.


The people: Whether it's couples on romantic getaways, groups celebrating milestones, or solo adventurers seeking culinary delights, the crowd is a tapestry of diverse yet harmonious threads. Mingling in the ambient setting of the bistro, they craft a dynamic atmosphere, where each individual adds a unique flavour to the vibrant mix. 


If you have only one drink, order the "Caribbean Fizz”, an effervescent cocktail that marries the crisp botanicals of gin with the tropical sweetness of papaya and passion fruit, enveloping the palate with a lush, exotic taste.


Distance from Apes Hill: 16 minute drive

An outdoor dining space at Apes Hill Barbados, with palm trees in the background.
A tray of champagne flutes being served at Apes Hill Barbados.

Take Some Time Out For Yourself And Stay Overnight

A staycation within a vacation may seem a little contradictory, but seriously relaxing can get a bit tiring! And though one of our favourite things about Apes Hill is seeing families enjoy and experience Barbados together, it is essential you also take some time out for yourself. So, for those times when you want to let loose, and not worry about bedtimes, book a stay overnight at one of these adults-only hotels, and enjoy an evening (or two!) in their bars.



The Star Bar At The Lone Star Boutique Hotel and Restaurant

The vibe: Exuding an elegant yet laid-back vibe, characteristic of the island's perfect blend of luxury and leisure. Nestled by the azure shores, the bar offers a tranquil view of the ocean, punctuated by the soft melodies of beachside tunes. With a decor that's both chic and beachy, combined with the gentle hum of waves and convivial chatter, the Star Bar offers a sublime Caribbean experience, inviting one to indulge and let the hours drift away.


The people: The Star Bar's eclectic mix of patrons, from globetrotters to locals, creates a dynamic atmosphere where various cultures and stories intersect, making every visit a unique experience. Discerning travellers who bring tales of global travels meet local connoisseurs who frequent the bar to indulge in its curated selections, to engage in spirited discussions about the nuances of a particular blend or vintage.


If you have only one drink, order … the “Rum Sour” - a simple yet elegant cocktail, made from Mount Gay rum, sugar syrup, lime juice and garnished with a vibrantly-coloured flower. 


Distance from Apes Hill: 13 minute drive



The Club Barbados

The vibe: Nestled amidst lush greenery, with rattan furnishings and touches of wood, Harold’s Bar reflects the timeless and tropical island charm of Barbados. Overlooking the tranquil waters, the ambiance is punctuated by soft waves lapping the shore and a gentle Caribbean breeze that rustles the palm fronds. Whether you're seeking a quiet moment of reflection or spirited conversation, you can enjoy a haven of refined relaxation amidst the island's natural beauty.


The people: At Harold's, conversations flow effortlessly among a mix of patrons, all drawn by the bar's reputation for top-notch service and its unparalleled beachside location. Discerning travellers visit as they seek out unique experiences that marry luxury with authenticity, and local elites and gourmet enthusiasts enjoy the culinary experience offered. Here, amidst the soft rhythms of calypso and reggae, and the clinking of glasses, memories are made, stories are shared, and the spirit of Barbados is celebrated.


If you have only one drink, order … the "Rum Punch”. A classic Bajan drink - you can’t really go wrong!


Distance from Apes Hill: 10 minute drive



Sandals Barbados

The vibe: The 12 different bars at the two Sandals Resorts in Barbados, Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados, offer an array of inviting and elegant settings and a delightful blend of relaxation and upscale indulgence. Whether you're sipping on cocktails at the beachside bar while watching the sunset, or enjoying a spirited conversation with new friends in the chic martini bar, the vibe at the Sandals Resorts bars is a harmonious fusion of island charm and luxury.


The people: The people you will encounter at these bars are an engaging mix of international guests; couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary, groups of friends seeking a luxurious getaway, and solo travellers indulging in a well-deserved break. The warmhearted staff further enrich the social scene with their local knowledge and insights.


If you have only one drink, order … the "Island Romance," made with premium Bajan rum, passion fruit and mango juice, a hint of lime, and a splash of grenadine.


Distance from Apes Hill: 30 minute drive



Noisy Cricket & 20th Hole

And of course we can't forget our very own bars at the Noisy Cricket and 20th Hole Restaurant!


The vibe: Set against the stunning backdrop of our luxurious golf resort, our two dining destinations at the resort have something to suit every palate. For a more casual drink, the 20th Hole Restaurant is where the drinks are served with serenity and a side of scenic vistas. The Noisy Cricket has themed evenings where members can sip on speciality craft cocktails and select from premium wines.


The people: Our team brings a world of expertise to your table, crafting drinks that are as memorable as they are delectable. Leading the team is Rakiel Waithe, our new resident mixologist, whose ability to harmonise taste and texture will transport you to the most exotic locales.


If you have only one drink, order … a Classic Mojito! It has a refreshing blend of rum, fresh mint grown right here at Apes Hill, fresh lime, and the final ingredient of soda water perfectly captures the spirit of the Caribbean.



Getting Around Barbados

The last thing that you want to think about when going to a bar (or a few!) is driving back home. So, we’ve put together a list of all of the other ways you can get around the island.

The bars and nightlife of Barbados is just one of many reasons as to why we love the island. If you would like to inquire about becoming a member, or finding a home here, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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