13 March 2023

Top Tips For Planning a Romantic Caribbean Golf Getaway

Couples who share a love for golfing have the prospect of taking a golfing vacation together. The Caribbean offers the dual appeal of being a breathtaking island and home to spectacular golf courses.
A silhouette of a palm tree set against a Bajan sunset.

Romantic Golf Getaways in the Caribbean

White sandy beaches with turquoise waters, rugged terrains, a melting pot of cuisines, an exceptional selection of rum, and a golf players’ haven – it’s no wonder the Caribbean is a favourite couples destination for those wishing to kindle both their love for golf and each other. 


When we reimagined the Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort and Community, we knew it had to be a place that fosters connection over a shared love for golf, whether it’s between a grandfather and his grandson, new friends or forever-friends, a husband and wife of 40 years or a newly-wed couple. 


There are a few more non-negotiables for us when taking a golf vacation in the Caribbean, and Apes Hill in particular – bonding with loved ones over shared experiences, unparalleled nature with spectacular views, authentic culinary and cultural experiences, and most importantly, a genuine escape from the bustle of everyday life.


So our team has put their heads together to share insiders’ advice for having a truly connective couples holiday no matter where in the Caribbean you plan to take your romantic golfing break. (Although if you ask us, nothing does beat Apes Hill Barbados).



All Things Golf

First things first, your golf experience. Choosing the right golf course for your vacation is essential. The Caribbean is home to some of the best golf courses in the world, where you and your partner can help one another improve, nurture your relationship through shared challenges, and spice it up with a little friendly competition too!



Choose a Caribbean golf course that caters to a range of skill levels and game lengths

The first thing to consider is selecting a course that offers challenging but enjoyable golf for you and your partner. Maybe you’re a pair of putting pros, or prefer to play more at leisure. Or perhaps you’re a mixture of both?

That’s why we created two courses at Apes Hill, with both our Championship Course and Par-3 Course in one place, so a difference in golfing ability won’t interrupt spending quality time together.


Looking at other options on the island, Sandy Lane is a country club and resort course and is the friendliest game on the Island with little to no rough to trouble the errant shot. Adding to the golf experience, the hotel has some fantastic amenities that are fit for any couple to enjoy a romantic meal or couples massage.

Royal Westmoreland is another fantastic option. The course has a great layout and is ideal for couples to enjoy a fun round of golf. If you or your partner fancy a bit of a challenge this course is more challenging than Sandy Lane and the avid golfer would appreciate this Trent Jones design.




Make time for both of you to improve your game

There’s always room for improvement, and what better time than on holiday, where you have nothing but time, and certified professionals are ready to help you sharpen your skills? Plus, making yourself receptive to constructive criticism will make you both a better golfer and partner. 


Choosing a golf course with a performance centre will help you narrow down the long list of golf courses to choose from in the Caribbean. If you’re looking at Barbados, Apes Hill Barbados currently has the only performance centre on the island.

Here you and your plus one can perfect your swings at our dedicated short game practice area and use our state-of-the-art technology to have your swing and ball flight tracked. And, our ‘come as you are’ atmosphere, with the patio overlooking the range, makes it a comfortable place for couples to pass your afternoons with nibbles and refreshments.



Make the most of the stunning scenery of the Caribbean

The natural scenery of the Caribbean is a sight to behold. Choosing a golf course that embraces and enhances these spectacular surroundings means that you can truly make the most of vacationing in the Caribbean. 


At Apes Hill we’ve fully embraced the scenery. Here you can play golf, overlooking the sparkling Caribbean sea, enveloped by countless fruit trees, home to chattering monkeys and abundant birdlife. 


If you’re looking to take your romantic Caribbean golfing vacation to an island other than Barbados, there are other courses that embrace their natural wildlife too. 


The Links at Royal Isabela in Puerto Rico offers an eco-conscious golf course where indigenous wildlife thrives; and the Teeth of the Dog golf course at Casa de Campo, named after the jagged shoreline it was carved from, is surrounded by a diverse range of plants, trees and lagoons.



Bright blue sky over Apes Hill golf course with a lake, palm trees, and lush greenery.
A photo of palm trees against a bright blue sky shot through the natural caves on the Apes Hill golf course.

Bonus tip – Get matching gear!

Many courses have branded gear, some even have a mascot or an insider’s joke. Remember your time away together and buy a cap or shirt as souvenir.



Where To Stay On Your Romantic Golf Getaway

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to booking accommodation in the Caribbean. To narrow it down, consider what you and your partner’s preferences are for both golfing and leisure. 


If both of you are serious about golf, staying at a resort or hotel that is situated on a golf course makes sense. You’ll be able to stroll from your room or villa straight onto the golf course. 


Golf course villa accommodation is a popular choice for romantic golf breaks, with many couples favouring the seclusion and privacy of a villa. Villas are also a great option for longer term stays. 


The villas at Apes Hill Barbados offer both great views and an escape from the bustle whilst being conveniently close to the course and all the resort’s amenities. Thanks to the Welcome Stamp Visa, some golfing couples choose to combine holiday with work and stay on the course for up to 12 months. 


If however, golf will be only a small part of your holiday, or you’re taking only a short break, choosing accommodation that makes it easy to explore other parts of the island and the Caribbean in general, will help you get the most out of your couples golfing holiday.

An elderly couple embrace with their backs to the camera, looking over the view of trees and the Caribbean sea.

Enjoying the view

Choose An Island Destination That Offers Your Favourite Things To Do

A golf vacation doesn’t have to be all golf. From bright turquoise waters and cave pools to rugged landscapes and tropical rainforests, there is a lot to explore.

If golfing isn’t the only priority on your list, then it’s worth taking a little time to find an island that offers you and your partner the kinds of experiences that will make your romantic getaway truly unforgettable.



Activities and adventures for couples

It’s no secret that the Caribbean is famous for breathtaking beaches and waters. If you’re drawn  to the seas, the Baths on Virgin Gorda are an unmissable formation of sheltered sea pools and scenic grottos. Alternatively, delight in whale watching in the Dominican Republic, or enjoy swimming with pigs in the Bahamas!


If it’s spectacular scenery, a sense of adrenaline, and the outdoors that you two crave, you’ll find something on every island. Challenge yourselves and climb the iconic Gros and Petit Pitons in St Luci,  explore El Yunque national forest in Puerto Rico and brave the natural rock waterslide, or experience landing on the airline strip at St Barts.


And if you are true rum fanatics, we would recommend staying here in Barbados, where you can sip world-class rum cocktails in candlelit lounges, and join in a rum tasting at the Mount Gay Rum Centre (although you may need to plan ahead and book a taxi for after!).



Romantic dining and drinks

Dining and drinks is one of the most important details of any vacation. And in the Caribbean, you are spoilt for choice.


The mixing pot of flavours will leave your taste buds tingling. Aromatic marinades and piquant spices are added to simmering pots and sizzling grills. The beachside street food vendors are popular among local people and tourists alike, who cook with produce you can often see growing around you on the island. It truly is a farm-to-fork experience. 


For times when you want to wash off your sea-salt soaked hair and enjoy a candlelit evening, the Caribbean also offers plenty of fine dining options, where you and your significant other can share a bottle of wine and indulge in the gastronomic delights of the region.


Once you’ve narrowed down your island destination, we would recommend researching the local restaurant and bar offerings to ensure you truly make the most of the culinary cultural immersion of a vacation here. 


And if you’re considering Barbados as your island of choice, we’ve already created a list of our favourite bars and romantic lounges.



Flutes of champagne on a serving tray to offer guests.
An up close shot of crispy coated jerk chicken served in Barbados


Beyond the extraordinary views, mouth-watering cuisine and unique activities, the Caribbean also contains a treasure trove of restorative wellness experiences that will deepen your connection with one another, whilst also nourishing body, mind and soul. 


Unwind in a spa for the day, participate in a couples’ yoga class, and simply enjoy the feeling of calmness. Many spas will use locally-sourced coconut treatment oils and Caribbean sea salts, grounding you in your surroundings.


If getting active is your idea of wellness, take to the mountains on a hike together. The Caribbean offers a variety of hiking trails with breathtaking views of the tropical landscapes, lush forests, waterfalls, and stunning coastlines.


Most islands have trials to higher vantage points from which you can take.



Taking time out for a couple’s beach day

Sometimes on vacation, you simply want to do nothing. After all, relaxing, resting and taking a break is the main purpose of a holiday. And for those days, the azure waters and soft white sand of the Caribbean beaches are perfect. 


Grab that book that you just haven’t got round to starting yet, pick up a fresh juice from the beach vendors, and enjoy the tranquility of the waves gently lapping the shore. 


Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia is a secluded beach surrounded by lush greenery with stunning views of the Pitons. It's an ideal spot for couples looking for privacy and relaxation.


Bathsheba Beach right here in Barbados is known for its rugged beauty and natural rock formations. It's a great place to escape the crowds and enjoy the stunning scenery with your partner.


Or for a truly secluded escape, take a day trip to Little Bay Beach in Jamaica. It’s accessible only by boat, making it an excellent option for couples looking for a private and romantic day. The clear blue water and white sand make it a picturesque spot for a picnic or a swim.


And when the sun starts to set, end your beach day with a romantic sunset dinner at a beachside restaurant. 

Don’t forget to book alone time

A good holiday has a bit of alone time too. Maybe that’s a solo spa visit, a reflective walk, or a cheeky 9 holes at the break of dawn. 


Not only will your soul be rejuvenated, but a little time out for some self-care will help to nurture and harmonise your relationship.



It’s Never Too Early Or Too Late For A Couples’ Golf Vacation

The Caribbean couldn’t be a more perfect choice for a romantic golfing getaway — whether you’ve been together for 5 days, or 50 years.


Honeymooning in the Caribbean is a dream come true. Could there be a better way to start off a life together? 


And if you’ve already had your first honeymoon, there’s no reason you can’t make this your second. 


Neither does it have to end. Some of our guests choose to make Apes Hill Barbados their forever home after visiting. There are so many reasons as to why Barbados is a top choice to live, and here are just 10 of our favourites. If you would like to discuss finding a home here, please get in touch.

An older couple laugh and embrace as they stand on the elevated golf course at Apes Hill Barbados.

Cherish time spent away with your loved one