Apes Hill Barbados 
Golf Resort and Community

Where the golf's on a higher level but life's always down to earth. At 1000ft above sea level, Apes Hill Barbados is one of the most remarkable high points in the Caribbean - hugging the Scotland District, a rare underwater mountain range above sea.


Unmatched Golf
and Laid Back Living

Carefully planned to work harmoniously with nature, our 18-hole Championship level course embraces the highs and lows of the undulating landscape – making use of the gully system, spectacular vistas and vibrant Caribbean colours. Should you wish to vary your days, we have designed equally enriching experiences throughout the resort – from practising yoga to hiking trails and gully walks, or relaxing by the pool or at our picturesque 20th hole.


Where the Golf's

On a Higher Level


Ian Woosnam

Apes Hill is proud to partner with golfing legend and former World No.1 Ian Woosnam as our global ambassador – a partnership which emerged from Woosnam's passion for golf and his admiration for Apes Hill's spectacular design.


As an ambassador, the former Masters Champion will represent our brand globally at international tournaments, adding his expertise to our golf courses and facilities, and share the breathtaking views of Barbados with the world.

Ian Woosnan stands with his golf clubs as he prepares to play a round of golf at Apes Hill.

Legends Return

Ian Woosnam Hosts 
Barbados Legends Tour 2024 

After a 15-year hiatus, the Legends Tour – formerly the European Senior Tour – returned to the Caribbean. This historic event was hosted at Apes Hill Barbados by our very own brand Ambassador and former World No. 1 and US Masters winner, Ian Woosnam.


Apes Hill Barbados elevated its legacy by transforming into the prestigious arena for The Legends Tour. With Ian Woosnam at the forefront, our resort was the gathering point for luminaries of golf, bringing a celebrated event back to the Caribbean. It was a celebration where the precision of golf aligned with Barbados' natural allure to craft an unforgettable spectacle.

Real Estate

Your Blissful Base

For Quintessential Barbados Living

Apes Hill Barbados is a prestigious address, where modern architecture fuses with the timeless landscape of the island. Whether it’s building your own exquisite space from the ground up that appeals, or finding an idyllic turnkey residence amongst our ultra luxurious collection of environmentally friendly designs, we’re here to help.


Elevated – And Down To Earth

Alluringly nestled next to one of the most remarkable points of elevation in the entire Caribbean, Apes Hill embraces the island’s fascinating Scotland District – a unique geographic area situated atop an underwater range that runs from Trinidad to Puerto Rico.


Known as the Barbados Ridge Accretionary Prism, and one of few sub-marine mountain ranges to rise above sea level, here is a place to both revel in nature and play great golf.  Meantime, the stylish yet understated historic Holetown, with its picture postcard beaches, galleries, dining and museums, is only a few minutes drive away. 



At Our Core

At Apes Hill Barbados, nestled in the Central Highlands, we're honoured to be Audubon Certified, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and respect for our rich natural heritage.
By preserving biodiversity and balancing development with environmental stewardship, we ensure a harmonious coexistence for future generations.
Join us in our sustainable lifestyle pledge, embracing practices that protect our unique ecosystem, from local produce to water conservation. Together, we celebrate luxury golfing while safeguarding our island's precious environment.

Villa Rental


Our Luxury Villas

Apes Hill Barbados is somewhere people feel at home. Cook fresh, local produce in your own kitchen, entertain guests by the pool in your private garden. Your own space, to do whatever you please – the ultimate luxury experience.

Villa for rent in Apes Hill Barbados golf resort


Keeping it in the

(Apes Hill) Family

The pure, fresh therapeutic breeze of the Atlantic East Coast isn’t the only Apes Hill treat  – membership covers the whole family. With a wide range of activities to enjoy and explore, each generation can experience the peace, harmony and distinctive pleasure of luxurious island living… together. 


Where New Faces
Quickly Become Friends

Here you can live amongst ancient bearded fig trees  - and spark long lasting friendships, be it over golf, a game of tennis or hanging out at the clubhouse and dining upon the freshest produce from our farm. With superb health care, direct flights from major cities and broadband connectivity, it’s seamlessly simple to settle down or create a second home here in Barbados.


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Where the golf's on a higher level, but life’s always down to earth.