11 September 2023

The Apes Hill guide to buying a vacation home in Barbados

Interested in buying a home away from home in Barbados? Let’s introduce you to Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort.
Villa veranda overlooking Apes Hill Barbados greenery with a slatted roof casting shadows.

Helping You Choose Your Perfect Barbados Home Away From Home

A vacation home offers countless life-enriching benefits. It’s a place to restore your equilibrium, and to spend quality time with friends and family, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Many people also want to invest in a space where, later down the line, they can enjoy their retirement years. 


Barbados is already famous for sublime beaches, lush landscapes, friendly locals, and year-round warmth. Visitors know that there’s a whole host of amenities and activities, such as a thriving golf scene with world-class courses, a variety of bars, restaurants, watersports,  hiking trails and more. 


It’s generally when evaluating a long term investment that you start looking at other important metrics. In these, Barbados stacks up well too. The island lies outside of the Northern Atlantic hurricane corridor, so we escape the disturbance that many other islands in the region experience. We enjoy political and social stability, excellent healthcare, and good digital infrastructure. The solid educational system produces a populace with wide competencies. 


No wonder Barbados is a popular choice for a vacation home. Whether you’re a golfing enthusiast looking to buy property on a golf resort or you are in the market for a second home that sits right on the breathtaking coastline, the Apes Hill Barbados team shares a few considerations that can help you move towards your ideal vacation home. 




Paradise Found: Picking Your Perfect Spot in Barbados

Barbados offers a wide variety of locations to choose from when deciding where to buy your second home. The right location will largely depend on your lifestyle goals.


Overall, the east coast is breezy, rural and rustic; the south coast is either residential or buzzing with nightlife; the central portion is predominantly agricultural—calm but with few amenities; the west coast is the sophisticated tourism destination. It is also the most expensive real estate on island for good reasons: the best beaches, food, and shopping, along with luxury hotels and housing.  


Many people are drawn to the beachfront when looking for a vacation home, which may be the right choice for some places. In Barbados, although most beaches are stretches of fine white sand with crystal-clear azure water, you can rarely control the access to, noise or security of a beach-front villa. Besides, the salty air is quite corrosive and demands constant maintenance. 


Buying a second home farther inland, at Apes Hill Barbados for example, can provide increased security and privacy, more comfortable temperatures, and of course the chance to play on a golf course designed by the legendary Ron Kirby. And in under 15 minutes, just downhill to either coast you can still spend days at the beach lazing, lunching, or enjoying water sports.

Dining area in an Apes Hill villa set for six, with doors opening to palm trees and blue skies.
Outdoor area of an Apes Hill villa with a porch, steps to a blue pool, overlooking greenery and a distant ocean view.

Envisioning Your Island Escape: Property Types to Consider in Barbados

If in an apartment or condo, you may vie for space at the shared pool, there’s no ability to barbecue, and with limited space both indoors and out, it’s harder to have a dinner or cocktail party. 


True, the west coast offers expansive views of the sun setting over the sea, but that dazzle factor is preceded by heat and glare. The experience can be better from an elevated location where the breeze makes for a much more enjoyable temperature. 


Once the trade-offs are weighed, Apes Hill’s advantages are clear: Sea views and golf views with large open spaces, low density and spectacular surroundings, mature tropical gardens, privacy and security. Add spacious homes and private grounds with their own pools, and even a grove of tropical fruit trees. Then sit back with the sun on your skin, knowing everything, including environmental impact, is taken care of. All of this at a naturally cooler elevation, a short drive from varied nightlife options. 


At Apes Hill Barbados, you can choose to live in a loose cluster or in seclusion, near the vibrant resort facilities or away from any activity. The Hilltop Residences, for example, are close to the Apes Hill Resort facilities. With four en-suite, air-conditioned bedrooms, everyone gets privacy and a good night’s sleep. And at 37 by 15 feet, the private pool is big enough to handle a houseful.




Choosing Between Residential Life and Resort Bliss

Residential developments, villas on the coastal strip, and condo complexes each have their own appeal and drawbacks. Resorts provide amenity-rich alternatives to these options. Resorts also make it easier to meet people, and to avoid typical homeowner maintenance hassles.  


Apes Hill Barbados is a resort experience like no other. Boasting panoramic views and catching the trade winds, it is stunningly beautiful and comfortable, the perfect location to enjoy all that outdoor living that is so desirable in Barbados. Besides, at Apes Hill, you can be confident that your impact on our fragile environment is reduced. It’s easy to be responsible here; we’ve built it in, so you can go on and enjoy the lifestyle.


At Apes Hill, your holiday property will be set in 475 acres of dramatic terrain, 1000 feet above sea level. Some nestle beside rough coral-stone, others straddle ridges, some dot broad slopes and others rest beside a coconut grove. Wherever they’re situated, the resort’s environmentally friendly, contemporary and transitional villas are perfectly designed for an active, wholesome lifestyle. Each holiday home at Apes Hill is oriented to catch natural light, the breeze and spectacular vistas. They allow for both privacy and for entertaining, and all have pools. 


Seaview Ridge homes, for example, are spaced-out, one-level, four-bedroom villas that gaze down to the gleam of the Caribbean. Their clean lines speak of unfettered life, while everything is provided.




Meet Friends or Enjoy a Quiet Moment

With the activities and variety of things to do, it is easy to make new friends.  There are kids’ activities and classes, croquet tournaments, Padel ball matches under the lights at night, cocktails at the Clubhouse, and of course all of the golf amenities. 


If this is your inclination, choose a holiday home that’s close to the action, such as a Courtyard Villa. These two-storey homes are cozily clustered, each with private patios and gardens. These overlook the 18th fairway and are conveniently located close to the Club House. 


If you’re very selective or just prefer time to yourself, your ideal spot is more removed. Moonshine Ridge 13 satisfies this need. This beautifully designed, single-level, 3-bedroom golf course home appeals to clients looking for a private oasis. With a large home office facing the 47' long pool and tropical garden, Moonshine Ridge 13 is perfect for the couple who work from wherever they are, and has complete privacy. Should the owners want to entertain family and friends on occasion, there’s space for that too.




Buying a Vacation Home For The Whole Family (including those with four legs and fur)

Pets are part of the family, so it’s heart-wrenching to leave them behind when going on vacation. Few Caribbean resorts accept them, and Barbados is no exception. At Apes Hill, though, you can bring your furry friend with you, and enjoy the 12.5K gully walking loop together any time.


For pet owners, the best choice of Apes Hill properties is one that’s set apart, such as a vacation home in the Seaview Ridge.  These elegant four bedroom homes enjoy uninterrupted westerly sea views and overlook the 1st fairway and down to the club house, sugar cane mill and out to the panoramic westerly sea views for that picture perfect sunset. The elegant, spacious modern homes have an indoor-outdoor design, connecting guests with the natural beauty of Barbados. 

A Villa's kitchen with white marble island, wood panels, 3 lampshades, and white cupboards. Large windows reveal greenery and the Caribbean sea.
A Villa's living room with a white L-sofa, 2 armchairs, a table, and a kitchen island. Window doors lead to a patio with sun loungers and Apes Hill views.

Turn Key or a Renovation Project

When looking for a vacation home, it’s wise to avoid those that entail renovation projects, as they can be stressful and difficult to manage while away. Instead of trying to fix someone else’s dream or update a worn property, choose a luxurious, modern Bajan villa ready for you to turn up and fully immerse yourself in the laid back lifestyle of Barbados.


The architecture of the golf course homes at Apes Hill features sleek, modern designs set off by rolling slopes, lush landscapes, and ancient coral-stone. 




Embracing Sustainable Luxury in Your Barbados Vacation Home

In today's world, opting for a sustainable home design is not just an environmentally conscious decision, but a testament to luxurious and mindful living.
With homes designed to harness the cooling Atlantic Tradewinds, reducing the reliance on air conditioning, and incorporating solar energy solutions, living sustainably becomes second nature. Opt for a saltwater pool to enjoy a chemical-free dip, blending wellness with environmental care.
Our commitment extends to the land itself, where initiatives like the Bioswale Network manage water sustainably and foster local wildlife, enhancing the biodiversity that surrounds you.
In Barbados, sustainable design isn’t just about reducing environmental impact; it's about enhancing your quality of life, ensuring that your luxury home harmonises beautifully with the island's lush landscapes. It’s luxury living with a conscience, where every day is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.




Sleep Safe Knowing You’re Secure

Safety considerations can be another challenge when deciding on a location for your second home. The island has a low crime rate; still, Apes Hill Barbados reinforces your safety.


Here, there is no need for bars on the windows or security systems. This means you can enjoy an open door lifestyle where sliding glass walls keep you in touch with the surrounding natural beauty.


Moondust Villa is a prime example. Situated on Moonshine Ridge, this three-bedroom golf resort home holds appeal to clients looking for seamless indoor-outdoor living in a private oasis.  Contrasting elements of coral-stone quarried from the surrounding grounds of Apes Hill add character, while tall palms add elegance. 


If you have any questions, or would like more information on our available properties, get in touch with the Apes Hill team today.

 Dusk at the two-storey Sunset Villa with doors to a porch living area and a lit swimming pool in the foreground.

Dusk settles over the court yard villa

Why Choose Barbados?

If you are still unsure whether Barbados is the right place to relocate to, picture yourself walking on soft, white sands at Paynes Bay, where the ocean gently laps at your feet, or catching exhilarating waves on the east coast's rugged shores. 


Barbados beckons as a paradise for those seeking a blend of tranquility, adventure, and cultural richness. The island's nightlife offers a spectrum of experiences from relaxed rum-infused evenings to vibrant music-filled nights in St. Lawrence Gap and 2nd Street, ensuring safety and fun for all.


Beyond the sunsets and scenic vistas, Barbados thrives with underwater adventures and easy accessibility from major international hubs. Its welcoming spirit, a harmonious mix of British and African influences, resonates in every encounter.


With activities ranging from exploring mystic caves to playing on premier golf courses, living in Barbados is about embracing a lifestyle where every day is an extraordinary experience.